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The Lion King But With Human Screams

Remember that really emotion scene from The Lion King? The one where Simba roars on the top of pride rock, and all the other lions roar back? Well a while ago someone dubbed regular people screams over the lion roars. If only the makers of the original film decided to go this route, it'd be an even bigger classic.
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Seal Screams Like Tom Hanks

Now if only they could get it to say "Wilson."
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Video of a husky beginning to howl and ending up screaming.

Husky Does Himself a Scream

And what a scream.
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video of Australian TV host getting pinched by crab as he screams

Crab Pinches The Dickens Out Of Australian TV Host

He made it very clear that it hurt.
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Spider crawls on ceiling of car, making girls inside freak out.

Car Full of Girls Can't Handle Huge Spider

To their credit, that's a pretty big spider.
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Kid on scooter screams as a bird chases him

Kid on Scooter Getting Chased By a Bird

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Video of a woman screaming in car because she is hungry.

Hangry Woman Demands Wings

Might wanna turn that sound down a little.
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Guy throws a knife at a can of spray paint, it sprays him and he screams.

Genius Throws Knife at Spray Paint Can

It goes about as well as you'd expect.
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Yelling Sea Lion Sounds like a Man

A sea lion's yell sounds like a man screaming.
Via Xgrade242
Honestly it sounds exactly like our internal monologue.
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This Video of Cenozoic Animals Singing is A Gem Of The Internet

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Reasons Toddlers Threw a Tantrum

27 Exhausted Parents Share the Dumbest Reason Their Toddler Threw a Tantrum

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screaming kids public transportation passenger Video - 97421569

Listen As Passenger Screams In The Face Of A Screaming Kid

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screaming kid scared loud funny Video frog - 97318657

Kid Afraid of Frog Is All of Us Resisting Our Responsibilities

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yoko ono terrible art screaming embarrassing cringe yelling awful - 97017857

Yoko Ono's Artistic Screaming Is Not for Everyone

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stories from children of entitled customers

14 Children Of "Speak to Your Manager" Parents Tell Their Stories

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Rodent Says What We're All Thinking

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