Satan, not to be mistaken with the lovely fabric. The big guy downstairs used to scare people to walk the straight and narrow for nearly 2000 years. It's about time you find a reason to laugh at him, even just a bit. What do you have to fear, Purgatory? Possibly.

South Park Satan explains brain chemical reactions

South Park Satan Explains Dopamine Response And Addictive Behavior

Stan learned something new.
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Tumblr thread on strange cold-blooded cave goat | RE tilthat Follow TIL cave goat went extinct approx. 5,000 years ago is first known mammal have become cold-blooded. Their bone growth rate is unlike any other mammal, and more similar crocodiles showing slow and adaptive rates environmental temperature. via http r-evolution-aries Follow goat's binomial name is Myotragus balearicus kind an oddball lot other ways, too, an example being had forward-facing eyes, giving stereoscopic vi

Tumblr Thread: The Cold-Blooded Freak Devil Cave Goat

It's understandably extinct.
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Mom thinks sleep paralysis demon is the devil | Posted by u/megs_wags 13 hours ago 2 TIFU by showing my mom drawing my sleep paralysis visitor get sleep paralysis have past few years off and on. Usually every couple months get sleep paralysis dream talked my parents about before fuck up is not they know fuck up is decided try drawing saw over my bed last night. And then sent picture my mom.

Mom Thinks Sleep Paralysis is Literally Satan

Oh boy.
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Offended christian mom thinks color wheel is satanic imagery | Elementary Art Teachers K-5th had talk parent today because student concerned color wheel worksheet assigned looked too "satanic had hoped parent would see benign, but after talking with their pastor parent confirmed they didn't feel comfortable having their child complete image all respecting beliefs but completely beside myself! star of david with different colors at the edges

Mistaken Christian Mom Upset By Color Wheel

It doesn't even have 5 points.
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Video of woman explaining why monster came from Satan.

Woman Explains Why Monster Energy Drinks Are From The Devil

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twitter account of satan

Satan Has A Twitter Account And His Social Media Game Is Strong

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news satan ridiculous reaction burgers fast food - 97768705

Guy Claims Impossible Burgers Are A Satanic Plot To Change Human DNA

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funny tweets from the church of satan

10 Times The Church Of Satan Shut Down Trolls On Twitter

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misleading products and false advertising

25 Infuriatingly Misleading Products Designed by the Devil Himself

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hellish creative facebook comments

Hellishly Creative Facebook Comments Section Imagines What Heck Would Be Like

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twitter satan funny - 4314373

Satan, Dark Lord of the Underworld, and Comedy God of Twitter

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Times Satan's Twitter account was a dark humored laughing factory.

10 Times Satan's Twitter Account Was a Dark-Humored Laugh Factory

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school kids satan devil - 81873665

Satan Clubs Are Coming to Schools in 2016

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The Addition of a '666' Bus in Singapore Spawns so Many Satan Jokes

jokes satan bus The Addition of a '666' Bus in Singapore Spawns so Many Satan Jokes
Via CoconutsSG
satan devil microwave - 76382465

Bruh, This Microwave is Legit Possessed by the Devil

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The Only Endorsement of Donald Trump You Need

Via @s8n
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