A classist roommate gets called out after making inappropriate remarks about plumber. | AITA snapping at my classist roommate? Not hole live house with 3 other people (all students Last week one our toilets got really clogged up point could not fix by ourselves and had call plumber plumber came and working on an hour which he charged us 50€.

Classist Roommate Gets Called Out After Insulting Plumber

Roomie needed the reality check.
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Thief roommate gets tricked into dying clothes | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/nothesame 5 days ago She kept stealing my washing powder so gave her dye don't mind my roommates borrow my stuff all been there. All ask is they replace they take drink my milk? Just buy new milk s as simple as Unfortunately my roommate doesn't seem get this. She keeps taking my stuff and ask her please replace everything she takes she'll buy one new thing and "forget do next time despite having more money than .

Stealing Roommate Gets Clothes Dyed for Free

Hey cool, free dye.
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Nurses take revenge on their roommate with the Pavlovian method | r/ProRevenge u/rustybathtub 3 3 JOIN 2•2d Train Roommate TL; DR at bottom This is story used Pavlovian Conditioning train my formerly obnoxious roommate behave like responsible adult.

Nurses Take Revenge On Their Roommate

Now that's a pro revenge.
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Roommate leaves passive aggressive notes around the apartment, so a petty revenge ensues. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/-EpicFailure 9h 1 DO NOT TOUCH did touched 5 years ago friend and decided rent three bed, two bath duplex together. My friend got ensuite and happy take second larger room but split rent 50/50. About 5 or so months into renting my roommate told she having trouble making rent on time and wanted get one her mates rent other room and would all split rent equally ok with having extra

Roommate Leaves Passive Aggressive Notes Around Apartment, Petty Revenge Ensues

Sticky notes can be a real handful.
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Woman's roommate refuses to pitch in for toilet paper, so woman hides it in her room. | AITA hiding toilet paper my room 24F) have lived with my roommate (25F about 6 months now time, she has NEVER bought us toilet paper, tissues, or paper towels. Before moving together agreed would each take turns buying these supplies. Every time run out politely remind her is her turn buy, as have bought every time. She always comes up with some excuse she forgot, has no time shop, etc. So begrudgingly always

Woman's Roommate Refuses To Buy Toilet Paper, Woman Hides Toilet Paper In Her Room

Seems fair enough.
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A collection of the most messed up things people's roommates did. | peanutbutterandjamin Not washing bathroom ever our 2.5 years living together!

Most Messed Up Things People's Roommates Did

Nothing worse than a bad roommate.
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Woman calls roommate's dreams about being an influencer "pathetic." | AITA telling my roommate her aspirations being an influencer are fucking pathetic TL;DR: Roommate works minimum 50 hours week and can barely support him and his girlfriend. She wants be an influencer and isn't bringing home any income. After witnessing boyfriend have mental breakdown being overworked told girlfriend her aspirations were fucking pathetic

Woman Calls Roommate's Dreams Of Being An Influencer "Pathetic"

Pretty brutal.
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Guy gets revenge on stealing roommate with a USB trap | Think can steal my stuff and get away with Good luck studying exams with broken laptop Back my first year college used live residence on campus with 3 other dudes. Two them were cool (shout out Bdawg and Al) but third named David had nasty habit taking things weren't his and mysteriously forgetting objects had fallen into his possession.

Student Gets Back at Thieving Roommate with Booby Trap USB

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People's best and worst roommates of all time | MilesDavis_mynigga My roommate eats all my Nutella.

People's Best And Absolute Worst Roommates

Don't steal people's food, come on.
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Woman demands that her old roommates give her back the fridge that she sold to them | Hey claudia ru doing all good about Melissa has friend need fridge were wondering if u still have second one she might want give him SEP. 11 AT 9:36 P.M. damn thought bought guys?

Woman Sells Fridge To Old Roomies, Demands Fridge Back A Year Later

She's not asking but telling.
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Roommate tries petty revenge on roommate, and it backfires on her | r/pettyrevenge u/sugusug 317d Join My roommate tried petty revenge and backfired on her l'd consider my roommates and B, good friends and get on well most time do have our normal problems though, and this is story most recent one. B and are currently preparing exams has hers later January. So 's pretty quiet our flat right now; B and go bed early, wake up early study is enjoying her free time, goes bed at one morning and gets up

Roommate Tries Petty Revenge, It Backfires On Her

Sometimes you've got to out-petty the petty person.
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A couple lives with terrible roommates, get fed up, move out with everything | r/pettyrevenge u/ElectroBonuzz not gonna pay comfort This happened last month. By some universe coincidences and my girlfriend ended up living with another couple rented house split costs big house so each couple would have their own bathroom, bedroom and shared common places like kitchen and living room house originally rented by co-worker who by time this story no longer house anymore, but all furniture his

Couple Gets Fed Up With Roommates, Move Out With Everything

Sounds well deserved.
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Guy ends up outwitting his inconsiderate roommate by using the pavlovian method | r/ProRevenge u/nitsirtriscuit 1y Join Roommate lacks will get up on his own see lot hot blooded revenge stories lately where huge shit storms get stirred up and someone gets fired or arrested. My story is cold blooded revenge, where very small and deliberate action makes my victim lose out. My first semester at college had roommate who pain butt. He made up Honor Code rules tell us weren't allowed watch movies or

Guy Outwits Inconsiderate Roommate With Pavlovian Method

Roommate should've just played nice.
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Woman's baby name choice gets called out by her roommate for being completely ridiculous | AITA telling my roommate name she chose her baby is 'ridiculously stupid Not hole My roommate (24f) is big Game Thrones fan. She's pregnant with her first child right now. She decided name her baby Arya she asked my opinion this name said good name with good meaning (Arya means noble Sanskrit but lot people have named their kids Arya/Khaleesi/Sansa because popularity GoT and might be little too common

Mom's Baby Name Choice Gets Called Out

Don't do it.
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Bad college roommate tries to complain and get move but it backfires | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/zardkween 3 days ago Don't touch MY stuff oc M college had randomly assigned roommate did not get along with at all. Our personalities were just on two opposite ends personality spectrum and clashed only things had common were went same college and lived same apartment s Anyways nightmare living situation apartment had four rooms and two bathrooms. She and shared same bathroom as our rooms we

Roommate Complains Herself Into A Corner

Sometimes you don't get exactly what you want.
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Roommate buys milk for their lactose intolerant roommate to steal | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/gottmilk_ 23 hours ago F 2 AITA switching regular milk prove my lactose intolerant roommate keeps stealing Not hole and 2 other guys share an apartment together and split all bills only thing don't split costs on is groceries. Everyone's charge buying their own food and don't touch whatever doesn't belong us fridge put our names on everything so no one gets mixed up.

Food Thief Gets Reckoning When Roommate Buys Regular Milk

Let the record show he denied taking anything in the first place.
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