Cheap roommate stops paying for utilities, and proceeds to get locked out of everything | r/pettyrevenge Join u/sonja_says 1d My roommate stopped paying utilities so got told come here different sub, so here am! My roommate stopped paying rent and utilities so This happened back my college days moved with friend university. She nice enough but she definitely had financial issues which didn't know about before moving together.

Roommate Stops Paying For Utilities, Petty Revenge Ensues

Gotta pay to play.
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Man describes his experience with girl roommates in enlightening Twitter thread | Craig Shapes 27 30K 63K @craigshapes Mar 28 Last year moved with my girlfriend and her best mate. They're both girls. Some shit l've seen is EYE OPENING mate thread)

Twitter Thread: Man's Experience With Girl Roommates Is Enlightening

Ignorance is bliss.
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Girls try to team up against their roommate, so the roommate takes revenge | r/NuclearRevenge u/blu3tu3sday• 220d Join Pick battles little more carefully Originally posted pettyrevenge recommended post nuclearrevenge. Here's obligatory intro paragraph: on mobile, long time lurker, first post. Long wind-up, revenge at end. So basically moved into 2bd apartment 2 months ago with Sara Jessica (names changed Now, Sarah is on lease, Jessica is Sarah's girlfriend and isn't on lease pay 50 Sarah pays 2

Girls Try To Team Up Against Roommate, Roommate Goes Nuclear

They underestimated their roommate big time.
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Person uses rat prank to get roommates to clean | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/Dull_Amy 1 day ago F S AITA terrorising my roommates into cleaning up their crap? Not hole So live with two roommates (28m 21f) who are less than helpful comes cleaning house. Wet clothes are left washer days on end, food is left rotting fridge and sink several weeks if do not clean they also just casually throw garbage into yard. If asked nicely multiple times them clean their mess and even not so nicely few times.

Rat Prank Gets Filthy Roommates to Clean Up

Sweet and effective.
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Girl converts her roommate's bedroom into a museum exhibit | Ellen Huet Follow @ellenhuet opportunity: two housemates take trip battle plan: rest house bands together convert their bedroom into an error-filled anthropological exhibit future

Twitter Thread: Girl Converts Roommate's Bedroom Into Museum

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Guy steals roommate's stuff, so the roommate dismantles his stuff | r/NuclearRevenge Join u/r_husba 317d 1 Thieving roommate gets 's coming him This got removed O r/ProRevenge, but thought all might want read as still makes laugh, so Nuclear is So, many years ago while still teen moved out my parent's place live across street my junior college. There were many students building, so rented room large basement 3 bedroom unit reserved students at school didn't really know anyone building as on othe

Guy Steals Roommate's Stuff, Roommate Takes Nuclear Revenge

Thief brought it on himself.
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Roommate thinks she's sneaky, and ends up owing $400 and being suspended | r/ProRevenge u/Mi-zun 12h Join Roommate thought she sneaky. Ended up owing 400 and got suspended. This is long one, tldr is below. So, this happened my second semester dorming at my college campus had met my roommate at orientation and could kind already tell she going be pain my ass. And right about had planned on moving rooms be closer some friends next semester.

Roommate Thinks She's Sneaky, Ends Up Owing $400

Nice try.
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Roommate tries to blackmail people, and they end up playing dirty | r/ProRevenge u/revengetale 13h Join Roommate blackmailed us and almost lost us our apartment, so played dirty. So, my friend and were our second year college together, and were roommates were both transfers and going into senior year, and had been renting an apartment past year two us had lived with three other people first year, but they graduated and moved out apartment had two rooms, and den with double doors could be used on

Roommate Tries To Blackmail, Pro Revenge Ensues

Roommate brought it on themselves.
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Freeloading housemates squander money for utilities, so guy introduces them to court system. | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/falloutfan1987 7h Take money give bills and squander Hope like court system Background lived with group people who thought were my friends. They were 2 couples, and all lived same house almost 2 years until recently moved out. There David and Tina and Brittnay and AJ only single person there.

Freeloading Housemates Get Introduced To Court System

They were on one.
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A terrible roommate gets a taste of their own medicine | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/talesofakat 3y My revenge on Loony Lucy, contender World's Worst Roommate Bring popcorn, because this is long one. Loony Lucy is slovenly, food-stealing, clothing- destroying waste carbon dealt with by keeping my space clean and ignoring her areas, storing my food at work or my boyfriend's place, and installing lock on my bedroom door so she couldn't "borrow" outfits looked like she could fit into she had 30 pounds on .

Entitled Roommate Tastes Their Own Medicine

A beautifully orchestrated revenge.
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Cheap roommate has excuses whenever the utilities bill is due | Hey utilities last month were $70 and still have be paid apt people. do need do another rent breakdown know said weren't going pay utilities email idk means not going pay 100 one just sent until figure out. But didn't know still owed 70$ sorry No worries!

Roommate Is All Excuses When Utilities Bill Is Due

Time to find a new roommate.
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Guy's lazy roommate won't help with chores, he writes script to ruin roommate's internet connection | r/ProRevenge u/alter3d 1y JOIN Video games are more important than chores s some nice internet have would be shame if something were happen originally shared this comment over at r/ChoosingBeggars but several people suggested post here as well added few explanatory notes those who aren't network-savvy.)

Roommate Ignores Chores For Video Games, Sysadmin Takes Revenge

Just beautiful work.
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Story of a guy who lost his roommates laptop and commenters tell him he's in the wrong | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/aitathrowway6031 1 day ago AITA hiding my friends laptop because he imposed restrictions on my house? Asshole know title sounds bad but please hear out. This is my first year college. Everything is working out fine EXCEPT my roommate. Ever since moved here just can't stand him. Why can write whole story about why despise this person but don't wanna keep this long so will just

Guy Loses Roommate's Laptop, Still Doesn't Think He's at Fault

The internet let him know.
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Woman's roommate's boyfriend keeps hitting on her, so she proves it | AITA proving my roommate her boyfriend keeps hitting on Sam, my roommates name is Lauren, and her boyfriends name is Mark. Lauren and Mark have been dating maybe four months. Mark always hits on Like always. As soon as Lauren walks away, Mark is laying on thick with compliments, and asking our lease is up.

Woman's Roommate's Boyfriend Keeps Hitting On Her

Sounds like a shady fella.
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An entitled girl with allergies gets reality checked after telling person how to live in their home | AITA telling my roommates friend if their allergy is so severe can't make sandwich another room they should just leave? Not hole So, my roommate invited over one their friends today. He didn't mention anything or my other roommate about and so walked out my room and saw this random girl just kind like uhm, who are Because my roommate not room.

Entitled Girl With Allergies Gets Reality Checked

Probably best to just get out of there.
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Tweets about a roommate who failed at making oatmeal cookies | Guys Named Ernie Bernie Ern4Bern LateNightNelly Everyone feel free roast my roommate who thought oatmeal cookies are just baked oatmeal burnt tray with chunks of dry oatmeal on it

Twitter Responds to Roommates Horrible Oatmeal "Cookies"

They look painful.
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