13 text reddit images crazy roommate petty revenge | thumbnail "She taped a border across the floor and would clean exactly at the border, and would throw trash on my side. Asked her to stop multiple times, pointed out the tape border was childish but she kept shrugging and telling me 'it's your side, sorry, doesn't matter if its outlined or not, your responsibility'."

Clever College Chick Gets Petty Revenge On Psycho Roommate

Another dramatic roommate story
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tumblr thread on becoming a god of ants | cerothenull S quinnred probablybadrpgideas If Cthulhu can be summoned by humans who are so far beneath why can't humans be summoned by ants answer is they should be. 20thcenturyvole Well if bunch ants formed circle my house l'd certainly notice, try figure out where they'd all come and possibly wreak destruction there. | weasowl 's why knowing and correctly pronouncing true name is so important ritual. Imagine impossible would be not go take look if

Tumblr Thread: Becoming an Ant God

Behold, my empire of sugar and dead ants.
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Girl keeps stealing her roommate's raisins, so a petty revenge ensues.

Girl Keeps Stealing Roommate's Raisins, Petty Revenge Ensues

Oh, job well done.
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People describe red flags that they picked up on for problem roommates.

AskReddit Thread: Red Flags For Problem Roommates

It shouldn't be so hard to get a good roommate.
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People describe the absolute worst things that their roommates ever did.

Absolute Worst Things People's Roommates Ever Did

Some roommates can be literal waking nightmares.
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roommates, stealing, caught, aita, bad roommate stories

Woman Kicks Her Roommate Out After She Finds That She Had Been Stealing From Her

Woman kicks her roommate out after she steals from her.
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Dude ends up training his roommate to sleep through his alarms after a ton of infuriating antics.

Guy Secretly Trains Roommate To Not Respond To Morning Alarms

Sounds like the guy had it coming.
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Woman gets mad that roommate cooks meat in their shared dorm room, and roommate feels bad.

Vegetarian Gets Mad That Roommate Cooks Meat In Dorm Room, Roommate Feels Bad

Eh, live your life.
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roommate steals food is allergic to peanuts, demands payment

Roommate Steals Food, Has Allergic Reaction, Demands Payment For EpiPen

Good luck with that one.
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Woman keeps throwing away her roommate's food, and eventually roommate hits their breaking point.

Woman Keeps Throwing Away Roommate's Food, Roommate Hits Breaking Point

Supremely uncool behavior.
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A collection of tweets that describe the weirdest things that people's roommates ever did.

Weirdest Things People's Roommates Ever Did

Some roommates are better than others.
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friend throws tantrum when friend refuses to travel with their mysterious package

Friend Demands Friend Travel With Mysterious Package, Throws Tantrum Over Privacy

Yeah, that's not a super awesome idea.
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Student's roommate refuses to clean up around the place, so student child proofs kitchen cupboards.

Student's Roommate Refuses To Clean Up, Student Child Proofs Kitchen Cupboards

Seems like a fair enough move.
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Man reaches his breaking point with the rent breakdown between his roommates.

Guy Reaches Breaking Point With Rent Division Between Roommates

Roommates can be quite difficult.
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People share stories of their all-time worst roommates.

AskReddit Thread: Stories Of People's Worst Roommates

Some roommates are real nasty.
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Woman can't stand her roommates so she proceeds to break her lease.

Woman Can't Stand Roommates, Breaks Lease, Roommates Flip Out

Gotta put yourself first.
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