roller coaster

Life is a roller coaster, make sure you get on at the right time, and hang on the twists and turns. Just hold your lunch as you laugh out loud at these roller coaster puns.

pigeon FAIL birds Video roller coaster - 86063361

Guy Gets Brutally Nailed By Pigeon While On Ferrari Rollercoaster Ride

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FAIL passed out Video roller coaster - 80652033

Europe's Tallest Roller Coaster Seems Shorter When You Pass Out On It

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virtual reality Video win roller coaster - 79964161

Try Not to Completely Lose Your Sh*t While Watching This Video of the World's Longest, Fastest, Tallest Roller Coaster in the World

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Canada ride mountains Video roller coaster - 79347969

Break Out Your Adventure List and Put This Summer Mountain Coaster on it ASAP

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parade Video win roller coaster - 78135041

Your Local Parade Will Never be as Cool as This Swiss Carnival Float Featuring a Real, Working Roller Coaster

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ride FAIL parenting reaction Video roller coaster - 77975809

Your First Ride Can Be a Real Roller Coaster of Emotions

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win parenting Video roller coaster - 75358209

If It's Your Dad's First Roller Coaster Ride, You Won't Regret Recording It

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batman whee Video roller coaster g rated win - 71099137

Take a Ride on the New Batman Roller Coaster at Six Flags!

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scared oh god why whee Video roller coaster - 70185729

Nobody Freaks Out Over an Amusement Park Ride Quite Like This

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whee world record Video roller coaster grated win - 69407489

#Fury325 is the Latest in Gigantic, Incredibly Fast, Pants-Wetting Roller Coasters

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Aren't Roller Coasters Fun, Son?

kids expression parenting roller coaster - 8438551040
Via KevlarYarmulke

There Are Two Kinds of Roller Coaster Riders

whee roller coaster - 8431994624
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Are You Having Fun, Son?

kids amusement park expression parenting roller coaster - 8427586816
Via Izismile

Students at MIT Built Their Own Roller Coaster, Just Because

DIY whee roller coaster - 8414072064
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BAMF motorcycle Video roller coaster g rated win - 67021569

One Gutsy Trials Rider Tackles a Wooden Roller Coaster on His Bike

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real estate Video roller coaster g rated win - 66952961

How Do You Sell a Home? Put a Tiny Roller Coaster in it!

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