robot science backflip Video - 52521473

Behold the Incredible Backflipping Robot!

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The Giant Attack Robot of Death Would Love to Give You Wine

robot wine funny bottles after 12 g rated - 7655198720
By Unknown
sports golf robot funny Video win - 51810049

A Sass-Talking Robot Tees Off Against Rory Mcllroy

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robot funny Video - 51776257

Check Out This Combat Robot Getting the Work

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dancing robot funny Video g rated win - 51557633

This Guy Has the Ultimate Robot Dance Routine

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robot science Video - 50841089

The Best Robot Ever Anticipates Your Moves, Grabs You a Beer

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awesome robot bartender funny - 50566401

Ever Wanted a Robot to Make You a Drink?

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GROVER Goes About Its Business in Greenland

nasa awesome robot science funny - 7446761472
robot DIY science Video - 49804801

This Robot is Perfect for Swiping From Vending Machines

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This Bender Furnace Wants You to Bite His Shiny Metal... You Know

bender robot nerdgasm futurama g rated win - 7296258560
Via Obvious Winner

Robot House Cleaner, Just Like Rozy

nasa robot - 7240879872
Via Mashable

IKEA Loves Their Robots

furniture comics robot ikea - 7111108864
Via Drawing Board Comic
darpa robot science g rated School of FAIL - 48147457

Soon to Be in the Robolympics!

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Good News Everyone!

robot science - 7102608640
By oakfarm
Bionic AAAAARM medicine robot hand Video - 47120129

Robo-Hand WIN

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baby robot Terrifying - 47086849

OK, This Robot is Terrifying

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