Tumblr thread on the cursed Doctor Who robot prop | titleknown Again, this is even funnier if know fucking production nightmare, with possible curse attached no less, this robot prop Doctor Who crew bogleech want know about cursed robot choppers-top-hat So robot isn't guy suit s an animatronic/puppet thing, and wasn't built show fact, no one knows who built one producers just FOUND ONE DAY building near studio had apparently been built another production cancelled and then just left gather dust.

Tumblr Thread: The Curse of The Doctor Who Robot Prop

Something ain't right with that thing.
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A funny bot written AC/DC style song.

Bot Written AC/DC Song Is Pretty On-Brand

"Fire at will yeah, cause I shoot to shoot my gun."
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Security cam footage of robot vacuums stacking on top of each other in the night.

Robot Vacuums Stack On Top Of Each Other In 3 AM Chance Encounter

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paint robot robots funny Video stupid - 96414721

Amazing Painting Robot Will Make Humans Obsolete

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daft punk DIY fashion helmet modification Music robot techno Video - 26097921

DIY Daft Punk WIN

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This Cute Little Robot Companion's the Real Life Version of WALL-E

Via Anki
gifs robot party rock dance the rock - 73400065

Party Rock

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Are We Sexual Robots or Something?

robot relationships sexy times - 8444189440
By mel.russell
nasa robot science funny - 58020609

The Amazing NASA Robot

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Introducing BOB: The Boyfriend With Batteries

funny robot text - 7925455616
By Tessa
bugs robot cyborg funny - 55329281

What Do You Think of the Robo-Roach?

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Dragons Are Robots?

technology robot Germany funny fun facts - 7802706176
By Unknown
face robot science funny - 53365249

The Emotions of Slime Mould

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beer wtf robot science funny after 12 g rated - 53287169

The Keg Robot

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robot science bird g rated School of FAIL - 53215233

A Bird Robot!

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Meet ATLAS the Robot Infantryman

terminator robot science funny g rated School of FAIL - 7672949248
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