I Hope It's the Latter

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Someone Isn't About That Party Life

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The Facebook for Rich People Charges $9,000 a Year. You Ready to be One of the Elite?

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Must Be a Privileged College

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Worst Opening Line Ever

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Party Foul for Improper Use of Alcohol

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He's a Keeper!

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Mom's Back in the Dating Game

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"I Thought I Had Enough Money to Be Immune to This!"

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An Underwater Date for Rich People

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Long-Form Read of the Day: This is What it Looks Like When the Rich and Entitled Argue on Facebook

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Rich or Poor, Everyone Drinks

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If Only It Were True

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Your School Will Never Be This Cool

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Fifty Shades of YOU DON'T SAY?

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It's a Hard Life Over Here at Château Douche

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