soiled daughter wants money for trip, gets denied

Dude Wants Partner To Foot The $30K Bill For His Spoiled Daughter's Trip, Gets Denied

Screw that.
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out of touch things people said

The Most Absurdly Out Of Touch Things People Have Heard

It’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost, $10?
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rich entitled girlfriend can't accept her privelege

Rich Connected Girlfriend Doesn't Understand She Isn't 100% Responsible For Her Own Success

We've got a real winner here.
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women tells all about the dark truths of designer brands in new viral tiktok video

TikToker Explains In New Viral Video How Rich Designer Brands Actually Target the Poor

Huge luxury brands will usually give their product for free to the people who could actually afford it, but would rather burn their items before putting it on sale and making it affordable to anyone else.
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Viral TikTok teaches about tax liens and buying homes from financially struggling people, comment section discusses ethics vs business

Viral TikTok Explains How to Buy Homes From People Who Couldn't Pay Their Taxes and Sparks a Heated Debate About Ethics in the Comments

Is it immoral to swipe a home from a struggling household or is it just business?
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A collection of giveaways that people are clearly pretending to be rich people.

Giveaways That People Are Pretending To Be Rich

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Strange and unexpected ways people got money | t073 1.1k points 19 days ago edited 18 days ago bought waterproof camera back 2010 and thought would be cool try out at new water park just opened. 1 years later video blew up making tons money monthly still make some during summer months but not much. Now sitting at just over 100,000,000 views. Edit since 's buried comments now, here's video https

Stupid and Random Ways People Fell Into Money

That's not fair.
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rich people being out of touch

Twitter Users Describe Their Encounters With Rich People Being Wildly Out Of Touch

Good idea, let's go to Paris.
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Karen tries to enslave employees

Rich Karen Tries To Turn Employees Into Indentured Servants, Loses

Why Karen, why?
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entitled people

Entitled People Who Made The World A Less Friendly Place

Oh man.
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things regular people heard rich people say and do

Things Regular People Overheard Rich People Say

It's a different world.
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features of poor people's homes that rich people wouldn't understand | ckuiper 20 hours ago 2 e 32 8 2 More Sauce Packet DrawerTM! Got extra ketchup packets, Taco Bell hot sauce packets, soy sauce packets, etc? Toss them Sauce Packet Drawer

Features of Homes that Rich People Wouldn't Understand

That brings back memories.
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People describe their craziest encounters with rich kid syndrome | steve--sloth 1y Gf family is wealthy, she's working her way But, she waiting get chance promotion and words cannot believe anyone would make somebody work almost year get promotion" came out her mouth. And laughed.

AskReddit Thread: People's Craziest Rich Kid Syndrome Encounters

Some people really need a wakeup call.
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Signs that someone lives beyond their means or tries to act rich | tappytaps 30.7k points 23 hours ago Talking about expensive everything have is and much money have found truly wealthy people don't feel compelled talk about constantly.

Signs That Someone's Trying Too Hard to Look Rich

Living beyond your means can be a trap.
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Concierge for the super rich people shares his juiciest stories working with clients on Reddit | posted by gambigirl are common physical attributes affluent people building along lines 1000 shoes ResidentialConcierge High Quality perfume. They all fucking smell good.

Concierge For Super Rich People Dishes Out Juiciest Stories

The super rich definitely live up to some of the stereotypes.
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Times ignorant rich kids had to deal with the real world.

Times Spoiled Rich Kids Had Their World Burst By Real Life

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