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Karen Can't Spell, Writes Wild 1-Star Amazon Review For Birthday Balloons

The internet is a wonderful creation that has opened all kinds of doors and avenues for the advancement of the human race. It allows us to collaborate, push new ideas, and make our voices heard in a way that was never before possible.
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this karen got owned by my boss | Pleasant environment, terrible staff.

'Please don't come back': Karen destroyed by business owner after leaving 1-star review

There's a certain net of safety that the (rapidly evaporating) anonymity provides to us. After all, there is a reason that the term 'Keyboard Warrior' exists. It's easy to let the darker and more aggressive parts of your personality emerge when you stand to face no consequence for whatever you may do or say.
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'My review comes up a lot in their interview process': Worker's Glassdoor review creates trouble for previous employer

This employee has learned that a Glassdoor review they wrote when they quit their job has been giving their past-employer grief with hiring. They left their position after experiencing unprofessional treatment from their manager, which they felt necessitated the review being written. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit this week by a user who shared their experiences with the popular sub. They posted their topic with the title “Left my old place due to bad management - M…
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Karen receives a scathing response from the business owner when she leaves a 1-star review

'An Impressive Bit of Creative Writing': Cafe owner destroys Karen's 1-star review with scathing response

When this disgruntled customer left a 1-star review describing their poor experience at a cafe, the owner set out to put the story straight with this thorough and scathing response. "It's missing "f- you" at the end," commented user North-Ad-5058. “It’s pretty heavily implied," replied user Appropriate_Town6385. “This is a great example of telling someone to go fuck yourself in the politest way possible,” offered user Stephen501.
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Insane Karen Leaves Scathing 1-Star Review After Being Kicked Out of a Bar For Giving Her Underaged Daughter Alcohol

This Karen left a scathing 1-star review after being kicked out of a bar for giving her underaged daughter a sip of her alcoholic beverage. Now, she is getting roasted in the Reddit subreddit r/F#ckyoukaren; you can probably guess how these readers feel about entitled Karen behavior.
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Karen Leaves 1-Star Review For Tattoo and Piercing Studio, Owner Claps Back

This tattoo and piercing studio isn't going to put up with Karen's nonsense.
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funny review for dresser

Woman's Honest Review For Dresser Is A Tour De Force

It doesn't sound like a very good dresser.
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Dramatic Readings Of Tungsten Cube Reviews Are Enlightening And Enheavying

The cube has presence.
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funny reviews for weird creepy Garfield toy

The Reviews Are In For This Demonic Garfield Plush

Something's off.
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Gem Reviews From The Bowels of Amazon

Ah, helpful.
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owner response to customer's lying poor review

Entitled Customer Leaves Lying Review, Owner Stands Up For Staff, Bans Him

There's a boss.
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horrible entitled people

Entitled People Who Made Reality A Harsher Place To Live

Why choose to make this worse?
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled People Who Made Life More Complicated

Nice work guys.
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owner responds to horrible influencer's bad horse stable review

Influencer Leaves Fake Review For Stables, Gets Decimated By Owner's Full Story

Ah, the truth comes out.
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Nail salon company doesn't take too kindly to their brutal review.

Nail Polish Company Detests Honest Review

Sounds like it was a rightful callout.
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Bar owner addresses an angry and lying customer's review with facts | Pensacola, Florida Never again went Token based on friend's recommendation because love arcade games. Wow were so disappointed employees were beyond rude service horrible. Everything behind bar looked so dirty glasses looked like they had not been cleaned weeks. My husband attempted play several machines, but they were broken. No one who worked there seemed care at all. Is there job act

Bar Owner Handles Lying Customer's Review With Facts

Customer got 86'ed.
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