old paris subway station twitter thread

Twitter Thread: Revealing A Forgotten Parisian Subway Station

Ah yes, the retro metro.
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A Commercial so Aggressively '80s It'll Make You Spit out Your Tab

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If the 50s had Foresight

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Go Retro With These Classic News Bloopers!

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For That Special "California" Look

Via The Sourpuss

"Mirthful Chuckles," That's Exactly What I Was Thinking

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Facebook Announces "On This Day," a New Feature That Will Let You Look at Pictures of Your Exes Easier Than Ever

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What the Hell Is Going On Here?

Three wild and crazy guys drinking grain belt
Via Featuring Jared

Remember These Cards?

retro scarf poorly dressed library - 8435946240
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What if They Had to Market Facebook Back in the 90s?

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It's the Thought That Counts

monday thru friday retro customers technology windows gift - 8387956480
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Silicon Valley in 1991

monday thru friday retro Tech Silicon Valley - 8357097984
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You Don't See Costumes Like These Anymore

costume retro poorly dressed kids halloween parenting - 8321323520
Via Izismile

This Family Games Together

gamers kids retro parenting g rated - 8314970112
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What Kind of Absurd, Far-Flung Future is This?

retro nostalgia cars - 8272773120
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Now With Convenient Handset Cradle!

retro poorly dressed phone - 8178579712
Via the poke
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