millennials killing pet food

Millennials React To Article Accusing Them Of Ruining The Pet Food Industry

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32 Hilarious Responses and Comebacks that Were Forged In the Fires of Wit

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13 Sharp-Witted Times People Fired Back Perfect Responses Online

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cover image of a snake and mouse who are best friends

17 Attempts That Were Capsized by Failure

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why millennials still live at home

Millennials Respond Angrily To Article Claiming They're Less Likely To Live Independently

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drinking heartwarming parenting response pub social media win - 6114309

Pub Owner's Amazing Response To Dad Asking To Bring Disabled Son In Will Melt Your Icy Soul

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response viral texting win - 6425605

Woman's Genius Response To Unwanted Dirty Pics Goes Viral

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response reaction funny - 5002757

Twitter Responds To Martin Pharma-Bro Shrekli Getting Prison Sentence

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Picture of stewardess in training and a screen capture of an exchange between a woman and Southwest Airlines and they have a good response to her questions.

Girl Trolls Southwest Airlines About 'Rude Service' and They Snap Back With Best Response Ever

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That Move is So Old, Anyway

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The North (Liar)Face

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After Overhearing Two Women Making Racist Remarks in a Cafe, This Man Had the Perfect Response

win image aboriginal man has perfect respsonse to overhearing racist remarks in cafe
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Five Year Wait for a Heart-Warming Cat Update

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You, too!

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140 Characters of Sadness

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