neighbor plays applause for loud neighbors, internet weighs in

Internet Weighs In On Sleep-Deprived Neighbor's Response To Loud "Nighttime Activities"

Sounds rough.
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snake karen gets in argument with pumpkin farm

Snake-Wielding Karen Gets Kicked Out of Pumpkin Farm, Business Responds

What a specific problem to have.
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owner response to customer's lying poor review

Entitled Customer Leaves Lying Review, Owner Stands Up For Staff, Bans Him

There's a boss.
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Karen leaves bad review gets response

Restaurant Owner Exposes Karen's Lies With Their Own Story

Oh, Karen.
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owner responds to horrible influencer's bad horse stable review

Influencer Leaves Fake Review For Stables, Gets Decimated By Owner's Full Story

Ah, the truth comes out.
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angry customer gets scolded by owner of restaurant after leaving bad review

Disrespectful Customer Gets Toasted By Owner's Response

Good ol' customers.
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Tumblr responds to art snob's Mona Lisa comment | There is much controversy art world over question whether or not clean fragile Mona Lisa, but her sister has been restored and some fairly odd later alterations removed show original vibrant colors and lighting. Some details, such as sheerness her shawl and pattern on neckline her dress, have become utterly obscured original, but restored copy they're perfectly clear blows my mind little bit look at these two sisters side-by-side and imagine much

Tumblr Thread Comes Down on Uninformed Art Snob

Knowing is half the battle.
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Entitled influencer will trade exposure for wedding documentary, gets nothing | Wedding 10th April 2021 Good morning, My client is well known social media influencer who is planning be married at 2021 lead up her wedding, beginning this summer, she would like documentary style video (an hour long) and photos taken at bridal fittings which can be shared with her followers. On day wedding, she would like video documenting whole day (must be 1 hour length) and package includes

Influencer Demands Free Wedding Documentary, Gets Shut Down

Get outta here with that noise.
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Response to client who wanted discount for one cent of water | Hi Just wanted let know loved cleaning last week and wondering if could come back every month Also wondering if could give us discount next time saw refilling water bottle our sink seems not big deal but our water bill is high specially with our new pool looking forward seeing again! Thank

Cleaner Has Classy Response for "Water Discount" Client

Who among us.
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Entitled parent doesn't like school's bus policy and gets a response | 2 years ago This school is pretty new and lack organization. Also school is very inconsiderate their students safety feel as if having protest better bus transportation. SMH school Transportation director insist on picking my 6 yr old up mornings across street busy intersection near plaza parking lot. instead putting her up front my apartment complex entrance. No one showed any concern or care about situation Share

Entitled Parent Thinks School Bus is a Private Chauffeur

Who knew you could review a school.
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A choosing beggar writes a one star review on Yelp, and then the store owner responds | asked representative 9 discount on screen and this reply got offer is joke, and good part our reputation is responding kind silliness kind want us sell this part less than our wholesale cost is ridiculous would say on par with ridiculousness question Unprofessional and unwarranted harassment

Beggar Writes One Star Review On Yelp, Store Owner Responds

This was deeply satisfying.
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A bad customer leaves a one star review for a tattoo parlor so the business has a funny response | Absolutely horrible. Came here one day with two friends who wanted an ear piercing and nipple piercing. After getting yelled at walking wrong door, which is not at all marked went get piercings and one young woman my party denied service nose ring because her "voice too high is insane and discriminatory wanted tattoo but after way have been treated this establishment wouldn't let them touch with

Tattoo Parlor Has Epic Response for Entitled Customer

It seems like they missed a few relevant details.
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Rude customer abuses admin assistant, so the owner steps in.

Abusive Customer Refuses To Pay Deposit and Demands to Speak To Owner On Bereavement Leave, Gets Slammed

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Woman on Twitter transcribes a collection of 18th century student disciplinary records.

Professor Says Millennials Are The Worst Generation, Woman Responds With 18th Century Disciplinary Records

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funny adam savage advice on chilling a drink

A Quick Look Back On Adam Savage's Epic Response To The Chill My Drink Question

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millennials killing pet food

Millennials React To Article Accusing Them Of Ruining The Pet Food Industry

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