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Whoever Missed the Last 'T' on This Easter Banner Almost Nailed It

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You Can't Explain That

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God Hates Cars

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That One is a Pretty Big Difference Though

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What If Jesus Quoted the Presidential Nominee Candidates?

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If You Make a Gospel 'Hotline Bling' Cover to Reach Millennials, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

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If You're the Parent of Katy Perry, You're Going to Be Ambushed By Crazy Christians Like This

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When a Pastor Says You Should Drown Your Kids Before Letting Them Read Harry Potter, It's Time to Walk Away

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The Big Fish in the Sky is Looking Out for You

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The Glitter of Christ

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Everyone Gets a Burn Here

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Irony, It Only Applies to Other People and Religions

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Prehistoric Debate

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Jesus Reviews an Authentic Crown of Thorns

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That Sublime Feeling When You Finally Convert Though

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