Man Filled with Road Rage Pulls Over to Try and Fight Other Driver, Immediately Stops Himself Saying "Actually, I'd Probably Get My A** Kicked"

Man Filled with Road Rage Pulls Over to Try and Fight Other Driver, Immediately Stops Himself Saying "Actually, I'd Probably Get My A** Kicked"

Not sure what kind of lesson was learned here today, but something went down…
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women who dated creepy guys

Women Who Regret Giving A Creepy Guy A Chance

Trust your gut.
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dumb expensive things people spent money on and do not regret | Pissedtuna $120 towel heater will never dry off with cold towel again.

Reckless Uses Of Money People Don't Regret At All

Is a warm towel that nice?
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gas gas station instant regret lol funny regret - 107816961

Lady Is Pissed Guys Are Following Her, She Has Gas Pump Hanging From Car

Ya hope it's not real, but this kind of thing has happened to more people than they'd like to admit. Most gas nozzles have quick release mechanisms that snap off so idiots can drive off without killing everyone. But very few of them probably find themselves dying inside after accusing good Samaritans of following them for nefarious purposes. NPC vibes indeed.
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An aggressive customer disregards a tech support employee's advice, wastes weeks complaining, and then lives to regret it.

Customer Doesn't Trust Tech Support Employee's Advice, Lives To Regret It Weeks Later

So much unnecessary time wasted.
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A collection of red flags that people missed in their past relationships.

Red Flags People Missed In Their Past Relationships

Don't fall prey to these red flags.
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An HBO Max intern messes up with an email, so the rest of Twitter shares their own mistakes.

HBO Max Intern Fails Hard, People Share Their Own Fails

It happens to the best of us.
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A student fails to properly check their backup files before IT goes and wipes the computer.

Student Fails To Properly Check Backup Files Before IT Wipes Computer

A big whoops, indeed.
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Dude ghosts date, and then goes onto realize that the date is their neighbor.

Dude Ghosts Date, Realizes Date Is Their Neighbor

A most unfortunate turn of events.
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Dude takes on burger challenge, and ends up paying the price in pain. | TIFU by eating challenge burger at local business. M TL;DR ate really spicy burger free but paid with pain. Edit: Some have asked if tipped waitress. No did not due not having any cash on at time. Apparently fucked up twice s get being born human. This actually happened yesterday, but am still feeling effects.

Dude Takes On Challenge Burger At Local Business, Pays The Price

Lesson learned the hard way.
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A collection of the worst scams that people fell for when they were young and gullible. | fist_is_also_a_verb Columbia House CDs could buy 12 CDs 1 penny, then agreed purchase certain number CDs future full price not sure thought they'd call cops or ruin my credit forever, or But bought all my agreed upon CDs at full price. Iread years later could have just not bought single thing because they can't enforce contracts made by minors.

Worst Scams That Young And Gullible People Fell For

Scams just need to go away, forever.
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Woman ends up calling off her wedding after finding out about her fiancee complaining about wedding dress on Reddit | AITA 38 m telling my fiancee f 27)her wedding dress choice is way too extravagant and suggesting alternatives? sorry on mobile and throwaway as she's redditor are getting married july this year, venue is booked and wedding is pretty much sorted.

Woman Calls Off Wedding After Fiancee Complains About Wedding Dress

Well this guy's decision backfired horribly.
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People describe their biggest wedding day regrets in an AskReddit thread. | starcrafter84• 16h Picking longest song ever first dance

People's Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

All the regrets.
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Ship captain disregards his crew's warnings about rust on the ship | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/VirtualToddler Captain said get all rust, now tank has hole. M On mobile TL/DR at end little background first. Before came my senses and changed course worked as sailor on petroleum carrier. One many duties sailor has is keeping vessel turning into large iron ore deposit on sea floor do this, there is tool called needle scaler s pneumatic device consists bunch 7-12 inch long 1/16 inch

Ship Captain Disregards Deck Crew's Advice, Loses Bonus, Gets Chewed Out

The regret must've been so painful.
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bad products and services people said never again | zaagan-daas More Dollar Tree shredded cheese. Just. Don't. Please don't be like and try NitroTitan 16.0k points 2 days ago dollar store my area has $1 steaks can't imagine trusting 1 steak not kill

Things People Bought and Said "Never Again"

Hindsight is spending more on cheese.
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Dude lives to regret staring at the Sun as a kid | r/tifu Join u/eyedamagedsunwatcher 2h 3 TIFU By starting at sun over 12 minutes L As usual, this didn't happen today. This happened over 20 years ago and only recently am noticing impact. Don't stare at sun kids around 11 fascinated by science still am particular loved astronomy and sun is pretty cool object had heard Galileo had gone blind by looking at sun through telescope, so should never look at sun. My intellectually curious mind noticed

Dude Lives To Regret Staring At The Sun As A Kid

Massive bummer.
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