Delicious Superpowers

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Should Really Be the Name of Most Vodkas

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Poor Decisions Have Been Made

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Someone Has Their Regret Face On

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The Regret Is Palpable

guy looks like he regrets having triplets
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Road Rager's Instant Regret

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The Look of Absolute Regret

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Partying, in One Image

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Instant Regret of the Day: Picking a Fight With the Wrong Dude

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A British Rapper Got a Hashtag Tattooed on His Face for Probably the Lamest Reason Ever

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I'm Pretty Sure I'm Cool With Not Saying Certain Thoughts I've Had...

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The Biggest Regret Was That Report

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"Regret" Was an Old Wooden Ship, Right?

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It's a Rare But Useful Superpower

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You'll Need These

regret class is in session english - 6655686144
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Why Did I Choose You?

mistake mistakes Pokémon regret - 6086796032
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