The Grilled Ramen Cheese Sandwich. Yes, it is Real.

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This Cake Only Costs About 92 Cents

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The Ramen-Crust Piza is Exactly What Your Drunk College Brain Wants

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She Could Feed an Entire Country with Her Weave

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Dwight Howard Can Afford a Whole Bunch of Ramen

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A Hot and Heavy Date With Nissin

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Currency of the Average Schoolgoer

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You Need Gas Money?

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That's Kind of Sad

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Checkmate, Athet*ts

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This Cruel World Grabs Us By the Shoulders and Spits in Our Face

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Engrish Funny: How Do You Know Me?

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Engrish Funny: Shut Up, Ramen! You Don't Know Me!

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Honest Food WIN

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Look at This Photograph, Every Time I Do It Makes Me Laugh

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A Delicious Meal of Ramen

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