Story of a guy who panic bought a ton of very spicy ramen | r/tifu Posted by u/GiveItARestYhYh 3 days ago 2 2 F2 4 2 TIFU by panic buying 40 packs hottest instant ramen on planet without actually reading description. M 10 days ago, my younger sister started developing cough. Understanding now need shut myself at least two weeks set about getting few supplies. Near enough everything completely sold out online, however managed find an amazon listing 40pcks ramen. Couldn't believe my luck! All were

Guy Accidentally Panic Bought Only Incredibly Spicy Ramen

That explains why it was the only one left.
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12 Money-Saving People Share Flavor Hacks To Up Your Ramen-Eating Game

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Don't Worry, Dad

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Learn How to Make Bomb Ass Ramen Noodles Right Now

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It's the Little Things

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That's a Whole Month of Dinner!

truck carrying ramen noodles crashes
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The Secret Ingredient!

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One Letter Can Change a Lot

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Ramen and Natty Light, Welcome to College

Natural light goes best with ramen
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Instant Ramen, Instant Boyfriend

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That's an Entire Truck of Ramen Spilled Onto the Highway. All $12 Worth of it.

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The First Symptom

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Ramen Doughnuts - "Ramnuts" - Are Very Real And We Don't Know How to Feel About That

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The College Dream

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She's Got a Type

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Cheap and Reliable

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