To be a racist is to be a dunce. We are all as one, there is no place for one race, people, color, ideology, above any other. The only place for racism and a racist is to be laughed at for their ignorance, so go wild.

Why's It Gotta Be a WHITE iPhone?

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No, You Cannot Adopt Racial Slurs As Your Affectionate Hippie Speak

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Starting to Get Racial in Here Really Fast

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The Master Pigment

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Failbook: Niger Please

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A Rap That Finds 11 Different Ways of Being Offensive

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Ashton Kutcher is Auditioning to Be the New Mike Myers

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I Don't See How Anyone Could Take Issue With That

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There's Even Racism in the World of Inanimate Objects

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Thaaaat Is Not Good. Nope.

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A Racist Is You

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Okay, I'll Play the SECOND Word That Jumps to Mind ...

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The Ones Without the Dreadlocks

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Autocowrecks: THAT'S RACIST

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Just About the Most Racist Thing I've Seen Today

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