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Funniest Memes for People Who Hate Their Job and Would Totally Consider Quiet Quitting, but Really Need That Paycheck

Funniest Memes for People Who Hate Their Job and Would Totally Consider Quiet Quitting, but Really Need That Paycheck

Gotta get that bag
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quit your bullshit scammer liar internet liars the internet roast scam Reddit roasted - 17743877

The Top 10 Liars of the Week Getting Roasted Online

These liars got put in their place for making wildly inaccurate claims online.
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Quit my job last night, it was nice to be home to make the kids breakfast and take them to school today! Off to hunt for a new opportunity, wish me luck :)

Boss Reviews 'Security Footage', Chastises Employee For Sitting With a Broken Foot, They Tell Him to Take a Hike

CCTV is not a tool for productivity,
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quit your bullshit liar roast roasted - 16523781

20 Terrible Liars Get Called Out and Put on Blast, Top Lies of the Month (February 2022)

It's time to quit your bullsh*t.
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Viral reddit debates on how to get a raise or get fired.

"I Have Finally Put My Foot Down": Reddit User Shares List of Demands to Boss and Sparks Debate

For some reason, employers appear consistently willing to hire a new employee for a higher salary and better deal overall than they will ever budge to give to an existing employee, leaving the myth of loyalty to your company doing anything for you lurching in the wind. More and more often, people are taking to the internet to detail their troubles trying to get raises out of their employers, and Redditor u/willcalliv did just that when they sent this detailed list of demands to their employer k…
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A restaurant owner decides to call out a woman's series of nasty, dishonest reviews.

Restaurant Owner Calls Out Woman's Dishonest Reviews

Bianca got served up some sweet justice.
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People describe the dumbest lies that they were actually able to get away with.

AskReddit Thread: Dumbest Lies People Actually Pulled Off

People can be dangerously gullible.
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A collection of the most elaborate attempts at cheating that teachers ever witnessed.

Most Elaborate Attempts At Cheating That Exam Proctors Witnessed

Honestly, just impressed.
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A wild Twitter thread about a woman lying her way into the writer's room for a military TV show.

Woman Lies About Being Marine, Lands Job As Writer For TV Show, Gets Exposed

The audacity on this one truly blows the mind.
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Man's wife loses two rings, breaks third, and then melts down after she's confronted.

Man's Fiancée Loses Two Rings, Breaks Third, Freaks Out When Confronted

Next-level shady behavior.
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People that know influencers describe what they're like in real life.

People That Know Influencers Share What They're Like In Real Life

Life sure ain't like social media makes it out to be.
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Girl claims to speak Swedish, guy talks to girl in Swedish, girl gets outed for making it up.

Girl Claims To Speak Swedish, Guy Talks To Girl In Swedish, Girl Gets Outed For Lying

Honesty is really the best policy.
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quit your bullshit satisfying FAIL ridiculous funny Video karma flying - 107248385

Exasperated 747 Pilot Calls Out All The Liars On TikTok

He's had enough.
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People describe the most obvious lies that they were ever told.

Most Obvious Fake Lies People Were Told

Enough with all the lies, folks.
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A lousy interviewee tries to lie their way into a job, and it ends up failing miserably.

Lousy Interviewee Tries To Lie Their Way Into Job, Company Sees Through It

Nice try, but no cigar.
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Customer gives waitress a fake tip, so the table next to them decides to intervene with the truth.

Impatient Customers Attempt To Give Waitress Fake Tip, Other Customers Intervene

The truth was absolutely necessary.
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