What Did Rubik's Cubes Need? More Dials, Clearly.

puzzle nerdgasm rubiks cube - 7133503744
Via Laughing Squid
pets puzzle birds Video animals g rated win - 48011265

This Bird is a Brilliant Puzzle Solver

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That Was Tough! Why Are My Hands Jittery?

puzzle clever g rated win - 7049037568
Created by parkour_guy

Only a True Beatles Fan Could Solve This Puzzle

the Beatles puzzle - 7019707392

Where'd I Put That Calculator?

puzzle calculator math School of FAIL - 6963756032

Magic WIN

gifs puzzle animated cube magic - 6855196416

Legendary Challenge WIN

puzzle difficult hard mode best of week Hall of Fame - 6682081792

Music FAILS: Name Them All!

Mike Patton puzzle quiz - 6437369344

Guess The Artist!

graph puzzle quiz the answers will not be h - 6436988672
Created by Jazzure

Topographical Puzzle WIN

3d design puzzle typography - 6400583936
Via Michael Kranz
apple cool trick food puzzle Video - 37157889

Breaking an Apple WIN

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g rated nerdgasm puzzle rubiks cube toy Video win - 34676481

WIN!: Blindfolded Solving WIN

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design lego puzzle robot rubiks cube Video - 31984641

Rubik's Cube Solver WIN

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Puzzle WIN

art game puzzle - 5368214272

Chest of Drawers WIN

design drawer furniture nerdgasm puzzle rubiks cube - 5300590592
Via Neatorama

Hacked IRL: Blast this Damned Cube!

darth vader hacked irl nerdgasm puzzle rubiks cube star wars - 5174820096