weird and stupid ways escape room customers tried solving puzzles

Weird And Dumb Ways Customers Tried To Solve Escape Rooms

That will technically get you out of an escape room.
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Stupid things people tried in escape rooms askreddit | LordSnooBoo 13.6k points 2 days ago One them believed clue inside them puzzle pieces

Stupid Things Escape Room Players Did

"The answer was inside of us all along."
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Stupid ways people tried to get out of escape rooms | post by shit_m_lady woman pulled out power drill her purse and exclaimed she'd have them out there no time actually had go and explain yes goal is escape but 's more fun actually do puzzles and try solve room. Also who carries power drill their purse?

Stupid Ways People Tried to Solve Escape Rooms

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puzzle mind games japanese funny Video - 480518

Insane Japanese Ring Puzzle That People Haven't Been Able To Solve For 10 Years

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This Move is Puzzlingly Smooth

funny dating image crossword pick up line text
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Wait Until Your Friends Are Drunk; Then, Show Them This

drunk, puzzle, confusing
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Cheryl Is a Good Logic Puzzle Maker and a Bad Friend

cheryl's birthday logic problem
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Middle Schoolers Brought Home a 50 Shades of Grey Word Puzzle from Sex Ed Class

50 shades of grey word puzzle, what a world we live in!
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The Ultimate Hard Mode Puzzle: 1000 Pieces of Rainbow Gradient

hard mode puzzle design g rated win - 8406367488
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Truly the Most Complex Puzzle

men puzzle funny women g rated dating - 8380053248
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The Internet, Now in Tux Form

tuxedo puzzle poorly dressed bacon - 8339759616
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The Missing Piece From Your Sock Collection

puzzle poorly dressed socks colorful win - 8152285696
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Think Next Time

puzzle tattoos idiots funny - 8086814720
Created by Unknown
math numbers puzzle Video g rated School of FAIL - 58760961

Can You Solve This Simple Logic Puzzle?

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Those Damn Things Are Complicated

beer belt drunk funny puzzle - 7941008384

Who Doesn't Love Free Stuff?

free stuff funny puzzle trash - 7890603776
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