promotion russia advertisement world cup soccer football burger king burgers - 6013445

Russian Burger King Astounds Twitter With Delusional World Cup Promo

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promotion sports FAIL nfl football tweet - 500740

At One Point a Certain NFL Team Wanted Their Fans to Jag it With Their Rag Out

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Level Up!

work funny note Level Up!
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Corporate Hierarchy, Now in "Has a Hotdog" Form

boss dogs employee Hall of Fame promotion raise - 5336236288
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Nice Stats!

monday thru friday promotion manager g rated - 8397568512
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This Promotion is Less Thought-Provoking Than They Anticipated

monday thru friday promotion cup fast food - 8295950848
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Who Thought of This Promotion?

hockey monday thru friday promotion work g rated - 8158166784
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Hoping to Create Repeat Customers?

monday thru friday promotion work - 8106422784
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Where Does the Work Ethic Go After 5?

promotion lazy funny hard work monday thru friday g rated - 6602524928
By TheSnake

So Seductive

promotion sexual harassment - 6751389184
By Unknown

Special Offer FAIL

math is hard Professional At Work promotion sale - 5644216832
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Treating Animals as Equals FAIL

animals promotion racism signs thats-racist wtf - 5438829824

50 Cent Special FAIL

AMERRICA food guns marketing promotion wtf - 5435011328
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Treating Your Customer's Like They're Smart FAIL

failboat g rated ha ha business marketing math is hard promotion signs - 5300100352
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Blockbuster Offer FAIL

blockbuster failboat g rated oh England promotion signs - 5296395008
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Offer Only Applicable Today FAIL

failboat g rated promotion sale signs special - 5247284992
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