funny obvious plant products

Delightfully Stupid Obvious Plant Products To Doubletake At

Oh nice, goat internet?
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funny and stupid design failures

Design Fails That Could've Used A Second Set of Eyes

Great work, everyone.
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funny off brands, knockoff and bootleg products that are similar to existing brands but not right

Wonderful and Absurd Knockoffs and Off Brands

Mike. Just Doing It.
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things that are expensive

Things That Seem Way More Expensive Than They Need To Be

It didn't have to be this way.
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funny amazon reviews

Gem Reviews From The Bowels of Amazon

Ah, helpful.
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bad and horrible products that still sell

Bad Products That Still Sell Like Hotcakes

Hotcakes are basically pancakes, right?
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inventions people use for other than their intended purpose.

Inventions That Are Hardly Ever Used For Their Intended Purpose

Hey, still useful.
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scams normalized by society

Scams That Have Been Normalized By Society

They done got us good.
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funny and weird bootleg products

Startling and Ridiculous Knockoffs, Bootlegs and Off Brands

It's something.
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Funny bootleg and knockoff products | BAF nd Up Mayers Yacht 6.39 8+ YEARS ANS Rattle Roll Game! 8+ WARNING Le jeu où rouler les dés crée des secousses! AT RSOE DETOFFE YEARS ANS 2-6 OOGHAARD-Salp WARNING ATTENTION RSOLE DETOUFFEMENT Cantert d pets nen Mconvent paeters de nors de 1 SET/COFFRET DIOKNG HAZARD Snal pani AVENIO GAME ONUEY OR | G GS4 Gaming Network NEED STREET PAYBACK TIME NGP E

Relatively Adequate Bootleg and Knockoff Products

They sure are there.
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funny design fails and mistakes | small white toy truck with the writing "fart superior" on it | toilet paper holder so low on the wall that the paper drags on the floor

Design Failures that Deserve Some Blame

It could use an extra set of eyes.
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funny not my job moments | Please satanise hands here misspelled sign coronavirus safety social distancing sanitize | holes cut in walls in order to fit a toilet

"Not My Job" Moments that Got the Job Done-ish

Great-esque work.
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Products that are more expensive and somehow worse | lunari_moonari 30.2k points 18 hours ago Cable television. More commercials, channels upon channels crap, ridiculous billI.

Stuff That's Getting More Expensive and Somehow Worse

How did they manage that?
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Nostalgic toys and products from the 80s and 90s | ANIMORPHS Some people never change. Some do | 12 COLOR SET SANFORD. Each Color Has Different FRAGRANCE MR.SKETCH. SCENTED US. WATER COLOR MARKERS 12 COLOR SET NONTOXIC AP NONTOXIC SCENTED MR. SKETCH SCENTED SCENTED COLOR

Sweet 80s and 90s Nostalgia to Rekindle Forgotten Memories

It's like Total Recall.
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Manipulative and bad products and ads | Best By: JUN 18 2021 Lot# CO02320c LOMBARDI QUALITY PROQUCTS ALL NATURAL AVOCADO OIL PLUS 9649 PAREVE SPANISH BLEND Calcium 0 Iron Percent Daily Value (DV) based on 2,000 calorie diet. 00 Ingredients: Canola Oil Up 10% Avocado Oil Distributed by: Smart Foods LLC Los Angeles, CA 90065 Packed USA Product Italy | Women Baos Walets Bags Printed Backpack with Zip Closure SAR 20SAR 12 Save SAR 8 (40N Earn 1 Shukran Colour Size fabulous

Deceptive Ads and Products Made by Jerk-Holes

The old bait and switch is still alive and well.
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Things that are used today for a different use that they were invented | posted by Vyzantinist High-heeled shoes. They were originally men and used horse riding, as heels were supposed keep feet more secure stirrups. Now, they're just fancy women's shoes.

Inventions That Are Now Used for Something Other Than Their Intended Purpose

Sometimes something makes a better other thing.
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