funny bad product knockoffs

Weird Knockoffs and Off Brands That Aren't Fooling Anyone

Where the cola choices are Poopsi and Cake.
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funny stupid and absurd bootleg toys

Weird and Impressive Bootleg Toys

Nothing says fun like a brand new Dr. Boy game system.
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weird things people have a guy for

The Weirdest Things People "Have A Guy" For

"Yeah I got a clam man."
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misleading and deceptive products

Deceptive Products Designed By Real Jerkwads

Wow, delicious air.
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funny reviews for weird creepy Garfield toy

The Reviews Are In For This Demonic Garfield Plush

Something's off.
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funny and dumb bootleg, knockoff and ripoff products

Bold and Absurd Bootlegs and Ripoffs

Interesting branding.
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funny and weird bootleg products

Startling and Ridiculous Knockoffs, Bootlegs and Off Brands

It's something.
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funny knockoffs and offbrands | Pepsi soft drink cup POOPSI | Beats by Dr. Dre earphones earbuds beat by dr. dry Compatible with BiPod DiPhone DiPad

Bootlegs and Knockoffs That Are Literally Something Else

Is Poopsi okay?
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funny unprofessional "not my job" failures | electronic road sign WINTER CONDITIONS DRIVE WITH CAKE | crooked parking space road marks

"Not My Job" Moments of Professional Ineptitude

It got done, didn't it?
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funny knockoff bootleg products | Supreme bag that actually spells the word Surprise | ordered baby Yoda and got this they set wrong Cryptid

Uncredible Off Brand and Bootleg Products

So close yet so far.
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products that were changed and made worse | DomesticApe23 17 hours ago B 5 28 3 6 E2 Australia, Heinz removed classic 420g can baked beans and replaced with three different sizes, none which are appropriate amount beans no longer eat Heinz beans.

Companies "Improved" Products That Are Objectively Worse

Change is terrible.
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expensive things rich people buy | Back2Bach 28.4k points 1 day ago edited 18 hours ago S 2 wealthy couple had pair Steinway concert grand Model "D" pianos at opposite ends their spacious living room. Neither husband nor his wife played pianos, valued at about $175,000 each, were just there show" and they hired someone like play piano an occasional cocktail/dinner party. | HeyYallWatchThiss 19.6k points 23 hours ago Catered high school graduation party did fried chicken and mashed potatoes, so

The Most Absurdly Expensive Things People Witnessed

Money just becomes a game at some point.
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Groupon asks suggestive questions about the Banana Bunker | Groupon 11 hours ago O contractually obligated let know every time Banana Bunker is featured on our site | YOSHO Ken know looks like dont haha. 1 hour ago Like 6 16 Reply Groupon G Like sound investment, Ken! 53 minutes ago Like 6 202

Banana Bunker Inspires Questions, Groupon Commits to the Bit

What a fine product.
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Funny bootleg and knockoff products | 7 11 rip off 7 evelyn convenience store | Ghostbusters shirt Who you gonna call? WHO ARE GOING TELEPHONE GHOSTBUSTER

Absurd Off-Brand and Bootleg Products

"Who are you going to telephone!?"
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Things that Exists Because People are dumb | irishamerican 52.8k points 1 day ago 2 companies get out timeshares.

Things That Exist Because People are Dumb

Human stupidity: the only inexhaustible resource.
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Funny bootleg, knockoff and off-brand products | pun Google Slides Google Slides | BeatBOX 0.1 PIMPS FSK ab freigegeben The Sims rip off video game package

Amazing and Ridiculous Bootlegs and Knockoffs

There's everything from video games to national monuments.
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