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'His jaw was on the floor': Small business owner scams guy out of $400, loses $15,000

Sometimes it's amazing just how much force a karmic pendulum can swing back with, paying you back for your misdeeds ten-fold. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/ProRevenge subreddit by the avenger's friend, Redditor u/Three-Nations, who tells the story of how their friend got even with a scammer after the scammer tried to cheat them over a used water heater that they had sold. The scammer came back several weeks after the sale, trying to tell the friend that it was not working. The friend off…
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'I got a nice bonus': Dude automates both boss's and boss's boss's job, they get fired

With all the talk of AI and all that, you might be looking at your job nervously and wondering… could an AI do this? You'd hope that automation and new innovation would lead to better working conditions and easier tasks. Still, it's more than likely that your company will cut your job to save a dollar today, even if it costs them tomorrow when the AI fails to replicate the nuance of your work. But what if the shoe was on the other foot? What if, instead of having your job automated by your boss…
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'PAY ME THE MONEY YOU OWE': Employee gets $1,100 in cash after weeks of neglect on payday, boss pays 4x what she initially owed

When your rich boss ghosts you on payday, there are a lot of bigger issues going on. Either your boss is negligent and simply doesn't care about their business (you know, the hobbyist type), or money simply isn't a factor to them– they don't imagine that being paid is the primary reason folks stay employed. We're not out here working for free, people!
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'Say goodbye to your business, house and reputation': Client refuses to pay developer for the website they built, developer pulls the thread holding the client's life together

Have you ever had a pesky stray string poking out of your new shirt or cardigan? It looks harmless enough—just a stray bit of material that accidentally got left over from the manufacturing process. Except, when you go to pull at it, its significance and integrity are suddenly revealed, leaving you looking the fool—with a bit of string in your hand and a gaping hole in your new shirt. That's a great metaphor for what happens when a cheat and a liar finally cross paths with the wrong target and…
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'So I started planning my exit': Employee ghosts his boss after he repeatedly 'forgets' to pay him, sends him a resignation letter instead of showing up for an important meeting

People have jobs so that we get paid. Work is certainly not a hobby and a paycheck is a standard expectation from your boss every two weeks– it's honestly the bare minimum requirement that we ask of them. In this case, a diligent employee was fuming after months of reminding his boss to write him his salary checks– he used this fury to fuel a fiery resignation.
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'[One] crushes the front of his hood...': BMW driver refuses to stop blocking emergency parking, firefighters crush his car

Play stupid games… Win stupid prizes. Every now and then, you run into someone who thinks they are above the rules of society. These individuals think they are so clever and have it all figured out when they are really just ignorant of the fact that some rules are there for a reason. A firefighter encountered one of these individuals at the local grocery store, where their friend was the general manager. The individual in question was a gentleman who felt that they were above any sort of specia…
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'They are not qualified': Worker blocks old coworker and boss's applications when they interview at worker's new company

It always pays to be kind—or at least decent. You never know when that karmic pendulum is going to swing right back at you and knock you on your rear… The world is a far smaller place than we take it to be and only gets smaller as you isolate down into the people you're likely to interact with based on demographics. Within a given industry, it's more than likely that you'll encounter the same people over the course of years spent in different jobs, even if you move cities. This idea gives rise…
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Don’t want to be asked for anything more? Okay. No problem. | So a few years ago I worked as an administrator at a finance company. It was my job to create contract documents and ensure everything was secure and legit. E

'He was getting ruder every time we spoke': Scammy business guy tries to bully administrator and gets shut down, loses sale

It's often the case that treating people with respect will net you the best result, no matter how frustrating you find something to be. That doesn't mean that you won't need to lean a bit of weight on an ineffective organization or bureaucratic nightmare; the fact of the matter is that, often, in these cases, being the squeaky wheel will get you the grease. But, again, you should always do this with as much kindness and respect as possible. Having been on the other side of this in customer serv…
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'He quit a few weeks later': Manager tries to humiliate security guard, quits when it backfires

Undertaking a gambit with the sole purpose of making someone else look ridiculous—well, that's a risky move. There's a good chance that the whole thing could backfire and make you look ridiculous instead. After all, you should never put down all your best monsters at once when your opponent has a trap card face down on the field. (Mirror Force, anyone?) This manager tried to use a security guard's report as an example, presumably as a way of humiliating them to get them to leave the company. Th…
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'What price do you put on peace of mind?': Trashy neighbor throws garbage over fence, guy buys the house they're renting just to evict them

Disruptive, rude, trashy, and entitled neighbors can make the serenity of time at home into a living nightmare—especially when they're literally throwing their trash over the fence into your yard. Unfortunately, there's not often a whole lot you can do to rid yourself of this behavior—unless they're blatantly breaking laws or covenants. But if you actually had the means to buy your peace and serenity back… would you? As the original poster of this thread asks: What price would you put on peace…
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'Maybe not too much for you.' Hibachi chef and family team up to defeat an unruly Karen

If you read the original poster's title as ‘Hitachi Fun’ instead of ‘Hibachi Fun,’ like me, you were expecting a very different thread.
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Was told I had an 8 1/2 hour shift and not to leave early, so I started working for only 8 1/2 hours.

'[Boss] got demoted': Boss demands worker stick to scheduled hours, results in obvious outcome

What should you do when your boss demands that you stick to your rostered hours after you've been working heaps of overtime to try and keep things afloat? Do exactly what they asked, of course. It's always nice to rack up a few hours of overtime here and there to get a bit of extra coin, but having to do it week on week is a sure way to burn out. Rather than rewarding your employer for understaffing the team, sometimes it's best to let things burn a little bit to get a little more support — esp…
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Stiff me on overtime? Queue the long, expensive, revenge. | This happened in the early 2000s when I joined a start-up. We agreed on a salary and no paid over-time and an evaluation in 3 months and then annually. Standard stuff mostly.

'The total demand was something like $135k': Employer cheats guy on overtime, guy plays the long con to get it all back, plus interest

Patience is a virtue — so states the proverbial phrase — but in a modern world, that idea seldom comes into actual practice. Everything is happening so quickly, changing so suddenly, that waiting or trying to be patient often means that it's already too late. We've all been trained by the idea of “missing out” into giving in to each and every impulse; when, retrospectively, if you don't miss the thing you “missed out” on… did you really miss out at all? I say this having just repeately
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I put salt in my drinks to find out who's been stealing them

'I will never forget the look on her face': Woman gets glorious revenge on coworker for stealing her drinks

Revenge is a dish best served salty!
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Wrongly Fired Worker Takes Entire International Division Down With Him

An epic tale of revenge via scorched earth policy.
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'No money back? We'll see about that': Guy gets even when dealership refuses to honor refund on faulty car

There's no worse result to shopping for a new car than getting stuck with a lemon from a shady dealership. When this happens, you can be out of pocket thousands of dollars and still end up with a faulty vehicle. That is… unless you can get the dealership to own up and take the vehicle back. Redditor u/DeusExPir8Pete shared this story to Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit, telling of how they managed—with sheer obstinance—to get the dealership to take the car back and issue them a full ref…
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