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Resident Nurse Rallies Their Team, Takes Down Vindictive Nurse Manager

A horrible and cruel Nurse Manager was finally taken down by their subordinates after a “seasoned” Resident Nurse joined the team and managed to rally their young and inexperienced teammates to take a stand. This thread was posted to the r/ProRevenge subreddit by the Resident Nurse (RN), u/IAmHerdingCatz, who recounts their epic tale of revenge from days past. The thread was titled “I'm A Team Builder!” and has earned 5k upvotes on the subreddit since it was first posted.
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A trashy neighbor keeps throwing her trash in the neighbor's yard until he gets fed up.

Trashy Neighbor Throws Garbage In Neighbor's Yard, Gets Unexpectedly Evicted

Not cool.
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Guy Exacts Revenge on Scammer By Exposing Him

Almost dying to lay foundations for a scam is a serious level of dedication that we've never devoted to anything. 
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Evil Stepmother Gives Away Guy's Playstation, Guy Gives Away Stepmother's House

In this story, two family members (it's complicated) came to metaphorical blows after the passing of their connecting loved one. It's an almost biblical tale of revenge as this step-son decided to take an eye for an eye after his “hag” of a stepmom took his Playstation out of his own home and gave it away. This story was posted to the r/ProRevenge subreddit by u/YoungSourSwede (OP), the narrator and step-son in the story. He had tragically lost his mother to ovarian cancer five years before the…
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Dejected Son Destroys Cheating Father's Life, Takes Everything In All-Out Family Warfare, Leaves Him With Nothing

This son had a tempestuous relationship with his old man. The two briefly reconciled when his dad got cancer, only for his dad's adultery to be revealed. He supported his mother through separation from his father, which put him squarely in the crosshairs of his dad's “traditional” family. After an encounter with the family, a plot began to take shape. This story was posted to Reddit's r/prorevenge subreddit but strayed well into “Nuclear Revenge” territory. In this story, u/thunderkerg tells ho…
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School Locker Thief Gets the Book Thrown at Him in Savage Revenge Story

This trending Reddit post details a story of brutal revenge on a high school locker thief in the early 2000s. It has sparked discussions surrounding locker theft, and commenters have shared their own various stories. Reddit user u/Dunnachius shared this story to the r/ProRevenge subreddit. A place where users go to share stories, such as this one, where someone got even in a big way. Tales from the subreddit are easily identified by the purple ‘smiling face with horns’ emoji that the sub uses a…
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pro revenge antiwork employee manager revenge workplace Horrible Bosses - 16622085

Two Part Story: New Owner Doesn't Know How to Run Company, Fires Employee For "Not Going Above and Beyond", She Deletes All of Her Extra Work Before Leaving

This owner is putting a lot of faith in his mouse tracking software.
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Trending Topic: Digital Art Thief Gets Career Brutally Destroyed After He Infringes On an Artist's Work

Art theft has been on the rise due to NFTs and artists are striking back.
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pro revenge antiwork manager revenge nuclear revenge destroy savage petty revenge - 16523525

Guy Gets Brutal Revenge, Destroys His Jerk Boss' Company and Takes Their Clients

Some seriously Pro Revenge.
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malicious compliance pro revenge revenge - 15176197

Bank Won't Let Guy Withdraw All His Funds So He Decides to Drown Them in Perpetual Transactions

Rather than putting up with account closing fees 'Creepy-Analyst' decides to make perpetual $0.01 transactions.
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pro revenge aita drama revenge coworkers petty revenge workplace workplace drama - 16421381

Woman Catches Lunch Thieving Coworker Red-Handed, Puts Him on Blast in Front of Everyone

This guy got his just desserts… but not her lunch.
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pro revenge revenge petty revenge college - 16420613

Scumbag Tries to Force College Girl to Push Past Him on the Bus, She Does Exactly That

Not the experience he was hoping for.
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pro revenge revenge coworkers petty revenge workplace coworker - 16420101

Nutjob Temp Conspires to Get Guy Fired, He Turns the Tables and Sends Her Packing

You've activated my trap card.
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pro revenge ask reddit malicious compliance teaching revenge stories Reddit karen - 16408837

Teen Piano Teacher Outsmarts Idiot Karen Who Accused Them of Overcharging

Are you smarter than an 8th grader?
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pro revenge drama pretty revenge revenge family feud family theft - 16397317

Scumbag Family Members Steal Woman's Savings, Deny It, Beaten By Evidence

Imagine your own mother and sister stealing from you.
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customer service pro revenge revenge customers petty revenge customer fast food - 16378373

Pizza Place Advertises Wrong Number, Refuses to Fix, Family Takes Fake Orders

This is a deliciously clever revenge
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