AITA for refusing to delete a recording I have of my brother-in-law's wife telling me my husband was only tolerating me now because I was pregnant?

Woman Records Brother-in-Law's Wife Being Nasty, Threatens to Expose Her So She Leaves Her Alone

Nothing like recording your evil in-laws and threatening to expose them to your partner for who they really are!
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AITA for ripping up a check in front of my husband?

'I pulled the check out and ripped it up': Pregnant wife learns husband used her parents' baby money to buy a PlayStation

This pregnant woman learned that her husband, who only works part-time, purchased a Playstation with one of the checks her parents gave them for expenses related to the baby. Perhaps he thought that money applied to him since he was acting like an infant himself!
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"AITA for kicking my wife out of the house?"

'My wife just went over the top': Man kicks wife out of the house for bullying their pregnant daughter

We love a father who defends his daughter
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aita marriage parenting pregnant - 17322501

Husband Annoyed At Pregnant Wife's Pain, Internet Wants Him Gone

It certainly takes a special type of person to be annoyed by their partner's discomfort and health pains. It's tough to imagine judging someone who you (supposedly) love so deeply for something that is entirely out of their control and acting like they are being lazy. Even worse when the thing that is causing that discomfort and pain is the fact that they are growing your child inside of them. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit by the concerned wife who is won…
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woman picks mother to be in room during birth over husband

Expecting Mom Chooses Her Mother To Be In Delivery Room Over Husband, Doesn't Understand Why He Is Upset

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aita friends family pregnant - 17158149

Husband's Friend Accuses Wife of Cheating in Front of In-Laws at Their Pregnancy Announcement

With friends like these... Who needs enemies?
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baby in laws family pregnant - 17164549

Tragic Passing of Baby's Father Causes Controlling Brother-In-Law to Try to Takeover

Some situations are so incredibly unfortunate that it's hard even to fathom what these people must be going through. This is one of those stories. The poster describes that she is eight months pregnant and that her husband tragically passed away during the pregnancy. She has turned to his family for support, but her late husband's brother (her brother-in-law) has started trying to be controlling and acting like he is the father of the child or has an equivalent stake of some sort in the situati…
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aita family pregnant - 16985349

Family Demands Sibling Give Money to Habitually Pregnant Sister, Threaten With Disownment

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aita pregnancy pregnant - 16985861

Nurse Makes Trashy Judgement About Patient, Mad She's Been Called Out

A nurse made an assumption and then proceeded with an inappropriate judgment and course of action. Her patient had had enough and reacted to her treatment. Now the patient is wondering if she went too far. This thread was posted to r/AITA (Am I the Asshole) by the patient, u/teenmistakethrowaway (OP), who was facing judgment from the nurse. She is posting this thread to share her story and see whether or not she is in the wrong for her reactions to the nurse's attitude towards her. She notes th…
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aita marriage pregnancy relationships pregnant - 16943621

Husband Insists His Mother is Present For the Birth of Child, Wife Doesn't Want Her There

This husband told his wife that he wanted his mother to be present for the birth of their child. When their first child was born her mother was present as support for her daughter. Now the husband thinks that since she “got to choose” who was present last time he should get to choose this time. His wife told him he was crazy and now he's upset, who is in the wrong here? This thread was posted on Reddit's r/AITA subreddit by the wife, u/GoldSun777, who is appealing to the readers to see who is b…
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marriage parenting pregnancy test pregnant - 16914693

Husband Cries When Wife Plans Pregnancy Surprise

When this wife discovered she was pregnant, she devised a plot to surprise her husband (who was yet unaware) with the news. Little did she know… Her husband had discovered the hidden pregnancy test by accident and assumed the worst, aided by some deep-seated trauma. It takes a lot to bring a man to tears in a public restroom… It's something we tend to try to avoid, so hats off to this wife for achieving something quite extraordinary anyways. It seems that, more often than not, these types of su…
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husband steals money from wife to get massages

Spa-Obsessed Husband Maxes Out Wife's Credit Card, Doesn't See Why That's An Issue

Oh boy.
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aita mother in laws mother in law pregnant Reddit - 16854533

Mother-In-Law Announces Couple's Pregnancy On Facebook Before They're Ready, Plays Victim When Confronted

A woman discovered that she was pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy and confided in her husband. When that little mama's boy ran and told his mother the news anyways… She immediately took to the ol' Facebook to tell the world the good news, completely disregarding the couple's wishes. When her daughter-in-law confronted her, she went into full victim mode. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA subreddit by the daughter-in-law. She posted the story to appeal to readers and see whether or no…
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aita pregnant - 674567

Guy Roasted Online For Insisting His Pregnant Girlfriend Apologize to His Mother Over Kitchen Takeover

“My pregnant girlfriend got upset at my mother for trying to force her to ea-” Yeah, we could just stop the post right there. You already know what the answer is. This guy is a total a-hole. We're done here, time to pack it up and go home. This thread was posted to r/AITA today by a disgruntled husband who is convinced that his wife is just being dramatic. The commenters made some awesome points here so we're just going to go with their takes: “You have zero idea about the cravings of a pregnan…
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man refuses to move his hand on bus seat, so pregnant woman sits on his hand

Entitled Dude Won't Remove Hand From Bus Seat, Pregnant Lady Just Sits On It

Welcome to the jungle, baby
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in-laws want to name daughter after grandpa, throw boy baby shower

New Mom Expects Daughter, Delusional In-Laws Want Boy To Name After Grandpa, Throw Grandpa-Themed Baby Shower

Dear lord.
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