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NFL Player James Harrison Is Launching Kids Into Outer Space

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Nailed the Landing (and Not His Face)

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Wheelie to Washout in 5 Seconds!

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Stick to the Cannonballs

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Guy Spends Weeks Buying Thousands of Coca-Cola Bottles to Take a Kingly Bath in 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Pool

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Underwater Beatboxing is Aquatically Awesome

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Spongebob May Be a Bit Too Ready, Kids

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Just a Couple of Pool Sharks

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Caution, Pools are Slippery When Wet

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How to Set Your Pool on Fire (If That's Something You Want to Do This Summer)

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Ready For That Action in 3... 2... 1...

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Hang Ten (Seconds)

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A Cool Transition From Dive to Slide

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Get Your Own Kiddie Pool

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You've Got to Be Ready For the Training Wheels to Come Off

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If You're Going to Hit Them With That Suplex into the Pool, Watch Yourself Too

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