woman with double mastectomy told to wear bra in pool, she wears it on head

Woman With Double Mastectomy Told To Wear Bra In Pool, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Beautiful work.
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crazy surprising pool dangerous Video - 106785537

Pool Collapses In Condominium

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humor farting pool ridiculous billiards funny Video - 106772737

Behemoth Fart Interrupts Billiards Game

Unleash the beast.
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woman on a motorcycle tries pulling a guy on a surf board, woman falls into pool

Motorcycle Fails Towing Surfer Through Pool

What was your plan?
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Absurd made up dangers of black pool Tumblr thread | facs facts--just-made-up Fun fact about Vantablack- Because absorbs all light heats up very fast. If exposed direct sunlight takes all UV and heat and contains them, and can reach heats well over 212°F boiling point water. So if did coat pool material water would boil as soon as sun touched killing everyone swimming

Tumblr Thread Explains "Dangers" of Black-Tiled Pools and Gullibility

Oh man wow.
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twitter pool social media ridiculous reaction funny - 8550149

Internet Reacts To An Absolutely Insane High-Rise Swimming Pool

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crazy Natural Disasters pool earthquake dangerous Video - 96828417

Insane Footage Of Rooftop Swimming Pool Emptying During Quake In Manilla

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Oh, Oh NO

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Someone wants to make their pool Vantablack and science says maybe not

Tumblr Thread Explains Nightmarish Reason You DON'T Want A Pure Black Pool

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crazy awesome swimming pool win - 428294

Watch These People Skyrocket Off Insane Water Slide

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Last-second Phone Save

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news FAIL reporter swimming pool - 385030

Awkward Reporter Falls into Pool, But That’s the Least of His Issues

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diving FAIL pool painful funny Video - 218630

A New Take on the Bellyflop

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awesome swimming pool amazing Video - 86669825

Guy Glides Across Pool In Mind-Blowing Water Stunt

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FAIL snow pool winter funny - 207622

Woman Fails Terribly With Frozen Pool, But Wins Award for Best Ice Breaker of the Year

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Sometimes You Just Need a Slip of Confidence

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