Tumblr users run a hyper analysis on Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tumblr Users Hyper Analyze Davy Jones In Pirates Of The Caribbean

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ancient old FAIL Pirates of the Caribbean savage pirates gun roast bust stupid police - 8996101

Facebook Roasts Police Bust And Jack Sparrow-Ass Gun

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wins Pirates of the Caribbean pirates win - 355334

Pirate Win

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Pirate Bear is Ready to Plunder, Honey

bears tattoos pirates funny - 4439768832
By Unknown
racing pirates Video horse g  rated win - 70434305

A Jockey Jokingly Submitted His Horse's Name as "Arrrrr," and This Announcer Runs With it

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Pirates Do Love Booty

never mention pooping to ladies, until your married
Via abrasive77
pirates music videos - 49244417

Gimme Dat Booty

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Pirates are Well Endowed

Pirates are also really into selfies
Via All The Exs In Texas

What's Your High School Mascot?

butte pirates are fierce athletes
Via Quackattackaggie

The Best Way to Learn About Math

gangsta pirates math funny Rage Comics - 8424482816
Via Llamayoda

Who Doesn't Want to Be a Pirate

sign pirates pub alcoholic funny - 8405207808
Via Svenjolly
cells pirates science biology funny - 66791937

There Are Pirates in Your Cells

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Textbooks Are Upping Their Stock Photo Game

funny pirates text book wtf g rated School of FAIL - 8356212480
Via Scintillant Prophet

If Only it Was an Arrr-thodontist Appointment

costume poorly dressed pirates - 8332787712
Via Possibly_

Shiver Me Texts, Matey!

whoops typing pirates failbook g rated - 8296303104
Via Brown Cardigan
metal funny Music pirates Video - 61755905

Pirate Metal Is All About Beer!

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