The Real Fail Here is the Font Choice

pirates comic sans - 6877928192
By freetoes

Yo Ho

butts pirates - 6828115968
By Unknown

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life for Me

Music pirates - 6820623360
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cat costumes pirates halloween costumes - 6684587264
By Unknown

When in Norway

drums Norway pirates youtube comments - 6628795648
By Unknown

Who Could Be Calm At a Time Like This?!

jack sparrow pirates why is the rum gone - 6613023232
By Unknown

Yar, Wishin' Ye a Festive 'Talk Like a Pirate Day!'

FRIDAY pirates wednesday - 6596709888
By Unknown

Power Goblets: Thar Be a Fittin' Goblet for Our Spoils!

barrel pirates power goblets Rum - 6517352704
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Arrrternative Radio

pirates pun - 6450882560
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Pirates Fan WIN

baseball jack sparrow pirates Pirates of the Caribbean sports - 6440974848
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Yar It's Time to Sail the Seven Seas!

captain morgan pirates - 6372723456
By Unknown

Warning Sign WIN

danger ninja pirates sign warning - 6261918720
By Unknown

Memebase: Pi ARRRR Squared

conspiracy keanu pirates teachers - 6098975232
See all captions By ACLong1991

The Creepiest of the Pirate Wenches

pirates skeletons - 5938170880
By TSchen

Pirate Bike WIN

bike modification pirates - 6005230848
Via Reddit

Dating Fails: Because Pirates Need Companionship Too

dating fails g rated pirates - 5877607680
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