Tumblr thread calls out magenta for being an impossible shade of pink | rb this with ur opinion on this shade pink | inkwingart This is magenta, and not pink. Unlike pink, magenta doesn't actually exist. Our brain just invents magenta serve as considers logical bridge between red and violet, which each exist at opposite ends linear spectrum. TL;DR this color is fake and also hate | achromic-red-dreams-doze-angrily is magenta real ALL IMAGES NEWS MAPS VIDEOS Violet and red two components magenta,

Tumblr Thread: Magenta Is Fake, Our Brains Are Tripping

Magenta's feeling must be hurt.
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Informative tumblr thread on how magenta and other colors are just your brain guessing.

Tumblr Thread Explains How The Color Magenta Technically Doesn't Exist

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tumblr story

Tumblr Regails Bean-Tastic Story of Multimillionaire Artist Who Bought the Rights to Vantablack

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savages trolling pink singers brutal musicians - 5656325

Pink Obliterates Troll For Body Shaming Her On Twitter

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iphone gay pink - 75048193

Dear Insecure Dudes: the Rose Gold iPhone is Not Gay

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Weddings Get Weirder And Weirder

bunny costume cross dresser pink unitard wig - 4445989120
Created by prikolchik

Raggedy Aneurysm

dresses pink hoods - 7051876096
Created by wtf

The People of Lebanon Facepalm for This One

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Bags Can Be Confusing

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One Stylish Cowboy

boots cowboy hat poorly dressed pink g rated - 8327059200
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The Best Way to Celebrate an Office Birthday

monday thru friday birthday pink g rated - 8302911488
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Is That Burt Reynolds in the Background?

twitter adele pink celeb - 8161048576
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Prepared For Anything

poorly dressed pink - 8096531712
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Think Pink

beard crocs poorly dressed pink g rated - 8083517952
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Yes, It's Hideous...

poorly dressed pink coat g rated - 8070212864
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Want to Guess My Age?

fashion wtf pink - 7953696512
Created by beernbiccies
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