Snap a photo, make that online photography class worth something. These punny snaps will have you putting a filter on your latest masterpiece in no time.

Sometimes Your Phone Background is So You, You Accidentally Vacation There Too

win Guy accidentally plans trip to same mountains as his phone background
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And That's How Ice Skaters Are Born?

photography ice skating - 8818858496
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adorable photography list cars parenting family mom son - 802821

Mom Takes Photos of Her Son's Adorable "Adult" Adventures

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Babies photography list parenting win - 770309

Adorning Classical Art with Adorable Babies Will Give You the Warm and Fuzzies

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A Photographer Found the Shark From Finding Nemo off the Coast of Florida

sharks finding nemo photography A Photographer Found the Shark From Finding Nemo off the Coast of Florida
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These Photographs Easily Sort Everyone into Two Types of People: Team Anxious or Team Anticipation

win images Anticipation-Anxiety Photographs by Aaron Tilley
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Soothe Your Soul With These Perfectly-Placed Items

win image photos of perfectly placed items
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photography art list optical illusion win - 708101

These Photos Are Only Illusions But They Will Still Blow Your Mind

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A List of 2015's Most Popular Baby Names is Out and Instagram Filter Names Are On the Rise

2015 baby names list is out and people are naming their baby's after instagram filters
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Teaching History Class with Props

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photography Video - 75683585

Learn How to Fake Naked Photo Poses From a Dude You Don't Want to See Naked

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History Class

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Forget Morality, Use Economical Deterants

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Half of Art is Stealing, Right?

caught photography FAIL stealing - 8543649792
nature photography Damn Nature U Scary Video - 45853697

Fish Tornado WIN

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Always shoot in RAW. Always.

bear curious nature photographer camera
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