Management cancels overtime pay, IT files lawsuit after logging work hours | Posted by u/jbanelaw Manager Company Policy Is Do NOT Pay Overtime Tech Sure, OK, Whatever Epic Sometimes as consultant get see an office functions an outsider perspective. Since are an independent contractor company treats differently than an employee. Also, just due nature contract work engagement is usually short term. This makes temporary fixture and sometimes are just treated as fly on wall

Management Illegally Bans Overtime Pay, IT Gets It All Back

Never mess with IT.
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Karen lies about pay to trick babysitter and calls it a typo

Karen Tries To Trick Babysitter By Lying About Pay And Calling It A Typo

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employee isn't getting paid to be on time, starts coming in late and manager gets fired for time theft

Employee Isn't Being Paid For Being On Time, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Who values whose time now, huh?
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work story of when cheap boss forbids underage workers from using truck, so they can't work | Posted by u/YhcrananarchY 21 hours ago 2 6 10 S 13 4 Boss says can't drive work truck, so don't! oc M title pretty much sums up, but long, long time ago city not far away had terrible Summer job. Right after high school, my friend and were looking practically anything make money and his older brother told us about job he once had working this guy washing windows.

Boss Forbids Use of Work Truck, Surprised When No Work Is Done

What did he expect?
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Boss forbids people discussing salaries and threatens to fire those who ask for raises | lieu an all store meeting 8:46 AM wanted have face face meeting with everyone regarding this, but schedules just don't allow s important enough get this information everyone clarity. Just have been hearing some noise and want make sure everyone understands and is on same page If have ANY issue/question regards salary/incentives/benefits there are 2 people can speak with is an understood rule within workplace

Employee Asks For Raise, Company Forbids Employees from Discussing Pay

Yeah this is kinda illegal.
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Guys respond to boss telling they're unqualified by only doing the parts they're qualified for | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by grrodon2 No promotion less work, same pay work passenger boat company have 3 tasks while on board: secure boats embarking and disembarking, keep an eye out safety and order, and check tickets and issue fines few years ago company asked some senior staff temporarily switch ticket inspector high season, with promise move permanently within year.

Workers Respond after Boss Says They're Unqualified for their Job

The rules are the rules, apparently.
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boss manager server revenge work restaurant pay bartender story cheap money service industry - 8485381

Boss Stops Paying Servers, so They Stick It to Him Where It Hurts

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