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Now That's Impressively Passed Out

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His Ass Is Grass

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T-1000 Got Drunk

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Pass Out and You Become a Coaster

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Passing Out in Vegas...It's Classy!

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Doing it Sitting Up, Now That's Skill

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Grandma Got Into the Tall Boys

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How Many Beers Does it Take Before You Pass Out

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How Does One Drunkenly Pass Out This Awesome?

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Let This Be a Lesson to the Rest of You

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Feel the Shame of Your Drunken Nights!

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Celebrate the 4th So Hard You Don't Remember it

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Pro Tip: Don't Faint During a Proposal

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At Least He Made it to His Tent

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Ever Been So Drunk You Used a Table as a Blanket?

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This Is What Happens When You Pass Out While Camping

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