passed out

He Passed Out Before He Could Finish His Pizza

he's gonna have a greasy pizza face when he comes to
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Don't Pass Out at Hockey Games

don't get too drunk at hockey games.
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One Passed Out Snowman

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Keys Are Too Fiddly to Get in the Little Holes

it's tough to get in the door when you're super drunk
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At Least He Made it to the Tent

the joys of drunk camping
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Someone Is Getting Cornholed

never pass out while playing cornhole, you'll lose.
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Have You Ever Been So Drunk

Sometimes you just want to be a drunk unicorn
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Cats Love a Passed Out Drunk

passed out drunk with cats is the best drunk
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Sometimes You Just Hit Your Breaking Point

justin timberlake has one last sip and then passes out
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Did He Drink All Of Those?

like a chalk outline around a body.
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He'll Never Get Up

duct tape is a classic way to prank the passed out.
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Someone Has Some Sexy Undies

nothing like rocking that thong.
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Never Be too Drunk for Your Own Mugshot

passing out at you mugshot is bad form
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This Dude Must Have Been Passed Out for a While

because the passed out tuxedo takes a solid hour to make
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Where Did You Wake Up This Morning?

passed out saturday night, and woke up god knows where on sunday
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Now It's Time to Sleep

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