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A couple very satisfying petty parking lot revenges.

A Couple Wonderfully Petty Parking Lot Revenges

People's pettiness knows no bounds.
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Parking lot bully takes someone else's parking space, so a petty revenge ensues. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Rathgalra 18h 2 S 3 4 Snipe my parking spot? Fine. TLDR: Snipe parking space? Okay Driver don't need go only my passenger does. Hope don't have anywhere be immediate future. This happened over decade ago running errands with my grandmother, and, due her declining health driving got post office strip-mall so she could get book stamps, and had been patiently waiting an end spot just about open

Parking Lot Bully Snipes Driver's Parking Space, Petty Revenge Ensues

A lesson was learned that day.
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A guy sits in the hot sun to battle an unfair person trying to save a parking spot.

Guy Sits In Sun to Defend Parking Spot

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insane frustrating baby wtf stealing parking lot story psychology mom awful kidnapping thief - 7522309

Mom's Story of Psycho Baby Thief Is Gripping Emotional Rollercoaster

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How Much Construction Equipment Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

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cart smartcar parking lot shopping cart Walmart - 6655860224
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parking lot shopping cart whee Video - 70383361

Bored in the Parking Lot? Make Your Own Fun!

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The CEOs Car

awesome car cubicle rage dickhead co-workers dickheads hardware jealousy parking lot playtime screw you toys wasteful - 3485252864
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Why Your Parking Lot is Always a Mess

monday thru friday parking space parking lot parking g rated - 8248785152
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Car Mating FAIL

whoops parking lot car what parking - 6730675456
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Security is a Little Lax Around Here

monday thru friday security parking lot g rated - 8440129792
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BRB, Have to Build a Telescope and Do This Now

parking lot Telescope win - 8440294912
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Why Did You Hire Them in the First Place?

monday thru friday warning sign parking lot thief - 8284718848
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When You Forget to Put Up The "Wet Paint" Sign

cars monday thru friday parking lot wet paint g rated - 8342820352
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Grocery Store Employees Hate You

grocery store monday thru friday parking lot shopping cart - 8267435520
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Work Around Your Problems

construction monday thru friday parking lot - 8236738816
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