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The Most Wildly Insane and Entitled Parents of the Week (March 29, 2022)

Presenting: This week's list of the week's most insane and most entitled parents. Freshly curated from the bowels of the internet. Remember that kid who bullied you in middle school on the bus? Remember the kid who thought it was funny to give his teammates concussions during practice on your High School football team? Remember that kid who sat in the back of the class and made masturbation jokes in the 5th grade? I've got some terrible news for you… They're all parents now. And they're well on…
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funny tweets about kids getting names wrong

Twitter Thread: Kids Trying And Failing At Hard Names

"Meet my son, Dump Truck."
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Insane Family Forces Bride to Give Wedding Venue to Pregnant Sister “Because She Needs it More”, Father-In-Law tells them to “F- Off”

This bride was approached by her family, who demanded that she give up her wedding plans to her sister, who “Needs it more” after she fell unexpectedly pregnant. When she declined to answer the demand, her parents began to usurp her bookings and contact her reservations behind her back. This story was shared by Redditor, u/paperweightfairy, to the r/entitledparents subreddit, where it has become one of the highest voted posts of all time for the sub. As you might expect from the name, r/entitle…
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entitled parents drama entitled family Reddit parents - 16626181

Insane Dad Claims to Own His Daughter's Apartment, Invites His Friends to Move In

When you have been privileged enough to grow up with relatively normal parents (what is normal anyway?), it's very easy to forget how tough some people have it. It's hard to imagine having to worry about something that should come easily. Having is the support of your parents is one of those things. They are supposed to be there as your core lifeline to guide you through the good and the bad. So when they're not only not helpful but actively antagonistic, that makes things doubly hard. Redditor…
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AITA for gifting my mom and her husband a book on cheating for their anniversary?

Dejected Son Gives Adulterous Mother and Step-Father a Novel Centered on Cheating for Their Anniversary

This teenage son still hasn't forgiven his mother for her affair when he was ten years old. So, when she married the man she had been cheating with, he gave her a book on cheating for their anniversary. This week, Reddit user u/IGaveTheBook turned to the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit seeking advice and insight on his actions. Contributors often post to this subreddit for third-party insight into their issues, asking readers and commenters whether or not they are the a-hole in the situation. u/IGave…
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parenting trends people don't like

Questionable Parenting Trends That People Are Sick Of

They're our future, or something.
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AITA for confirming for my daughter why my ex and I divorced? (March 2nd, 2022)

Mother Leaks Her Polyamorous Lifestyle on Facebook Group, Mad at Ex-Husband For Discussing it With Their Children

Social media is never private.
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aita baby parenting Reddit parents - 16503301

Husband Fakes Kidnapping of Infant Son in Order to Teach Wife Lesson

Ruthless but effective means of delivering an important message.
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14-Year-Old Demands to Be Treated Like an Adult, Mom Obliges

This is an excellent life lesson.
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Insane Entitled Kevin Threatens Flight Attendant Over Out of Control Child, Flight Forced to Land

The miracle of this story is that the plane was only two hours late.
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insane teens aita entitled parents drama teenagers parenting parents - 16408581

Insane Parents Attempt to Force Oldest Child to Live at Home to Babysit Siblings, Manipulate Her Into Staying

There's your parents being sad you're moving out... and then there's THIS.
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kids birthday pro revenge revenge petty revenge parenting parents - 16362757

Mean Girl Kicks Girl Out of Her Birthday Party, Stellar Mother Irate, Takes Back Presents

An important part of being a kid is learning that your actions have consequences. When you behave or treat someone poorly, poor things will happen to you. These lessons classically condition us to behave well and treat others with the respect they are warranted. Hopefully, they will also teach us to respect ourselves and the way that others treat us too. This was an important lesson that this girl hopefully learned when u/WovenAesthetic 's mother took back their gift. Although, maybe that's opt…
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aita neighbors drama kids neighborhood parenting lawsuit Reddit parents neighbor - 16298757

Insane Neighbor Insists Homeowner Pays Their Child's Medical Bills After Child Hurts Themselves in Driveway

Maybe have some responsibility for your own children?
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Entitled Parent Gets Upset That Teacher Assigned Homework in Metric Units, Teacher Assigns a New Problem

Imagine being mad about the metric system.
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funny absurd lies people believed as kids

Terrifically Absurd Lies People Believed As Kids

Thanks, dad.
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marriage relationships parenting in laws parents - 15674117

Mother-In-Law Forcefully Grabs Grand-Baby From Its Mother, Then Demands Apology

Never grab a baby away from their parent.
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