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AITA for letting my 4 year old use all of his money to buy everybody else meals and gifts while we were at Disneyland? | I took my kids to Disneyland Paris for a week with two of my friends and their kids. My oldest is 4 but he gets a monthly allowance from his dad that he can, in theory, spend on whatever he wants.

Mother wonders if she's wrong for letting her 4-year-old son spend his entire life savings on her friends (and there's a lot to unpack here.)

Well… at least he hasn't been saving for very long! Plenty of time for him to recoup from this devastating loss. If his allowance (which appears to be larger than my paycheck) doesn't cut it, then the trust fund should certainly help out. There's a lot going on and a lot to unpack with this one.
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AITA for using a spray bottle to train my nephew

'I grabbed the spray bottle I use to keep the cat off the counter': Woman sprays water at nightmare nephew as punishment

Hey, if it works, it works...
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babysitter needed asap | I need someone to watch my 4 kids

'This job pays $200 a week': Hilarious viral babysitter ad requires a Master's Degree among other insane things

There's nothing that guarantees failure like setting unrealistic expectations. Anytime you expect too much of anything you're dooming yourself to be unhappy with whatever the outcome is.
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I'm a new mom, and this was my evening!

Major Parenting Fail: New Mom Was Not Prepared for Diaper Change Catastrophe

It's no secret that being a new mom is hard, but this woman had a wild night.
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family drama aita motorcycles drama mother parenting motorcycle Parenting Fail Parenting FAILS - 17847301

Mom Calls the Cops After Husband "Steals" the Motorcycle She Got Her Son For His Birthday

It's rare that a parenting disagreement actually escalates to police involvement in the investigation of theft. At least, I would hope and assume that this is the case, but maybe it happens with a higher degree of frequency than you'd anticipate. This mother describes her son's obsession with motorcycles and automobiles There are a lot of working pieces and ethics to consider when it comes to the inter-workings of this story. First of all, this husband is not the son's biological father, and we…
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Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Parenting FAILS television wine - 6423079680
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Oops, Wrong Store

Parenting FAILS sex toys toys NSFW - 5965969920
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Jimmy Fallon's Hashtags: #parentfail

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NICU, We're Gonna Need NICU?

Babies iPhones funny Parenting FAILS - 7623137024
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You're Not Supposed To Look At The Other Guy, Honey

bathroom toilets g rated Parenting FAILS - 7446784512
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Multitask Level: Boss

dads Multitasking clever classic funny g rated Parenting FAILS - 7446791424
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But Why?

questions classic funny g rated Parenting FAILS - 7443014656

The Magic Hour Is Nearly Upon You

poster bed time funny g rated Parenting FAILS - 7443697408
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You'll Have to Wait a Few Years for the Shotgun

zombie zombie apocalypse g rated Parenting FAILS - 7420926208
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A True OG

coffee mug grandma Parenting FAILS - 7414472448
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If Chipotle is So Good Then Why Don't You... Oh... Okay...

burrito chipotle g rated Parenting FAILS - 7420917760
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