Periodically Embarrassing

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By Unknown

Whatever It Takes

carousel cooking Hall of Fame mom parent parenting wrong number Wrong Numbers From Dumb/Creepy Strangers - 5467696896
By Unknown

If Dads Were Completely in Charge, We'd Die Out as a Species

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By Unknown


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By derp-a-lerp

Banned Facebook Accounts Are the New Time-Out Chair

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By Unknown

Failbook: Thanks Dad, You Were the Greatest

Death failbook nipples parent parenting wtf - 6255613184
By scooterloo

"Mrs. Smith, I'd Like to Talk About Your Son's Attachment Issues"

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By Unknown

Using Protection Makes You Someone With a Future

child dad Father parent parenting pregnant school - 6088998400
By snrabu

Chicken? Chow Mein? Lasagna? Hamburger Helper? NOTHING?????????

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By Unknown

This Is One Hundred Percent Real and Is in No Way Fabricated! LOL!

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By Andy

My Mummy Valentine

forever alone parent parenting valentine Valentines day - 5844167680

Autocowrecks: When My Parents Call

AutocoWrecks dad g rated mom parent parenting the office - 5732493824
By Unknown

FML - Facebook Matters Less, Now That You're On It

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By Unknown

Is Your Child Using Web Speak Safely?

parent parenting television text TV - 5671469312
By Unknown

A Secret Buried in the Numbers

comic mom parent parenting rage comic - 5658135296
By Unknown

Parents Using Rage Faces Semi-Correctly? Impossibru!

bed dad parent parenting rage face rage faces - 5658828032
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