funny fashion clothing fails

Wildly Questionable Clothing and Fashion Failures

Taste is subjective, sort of.
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woman tries to ride camel, splits pants and falls

Woman Tries To Ride Camel, Splits Pants, Falls

Just another day at the circus.
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twitter thread of people drawing vulture in pants.

Twitter User Demands Drawings of Bepantsed Vulture, Gets Them

Yes, that's the good stuff.
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liars who got caught online

13 Liars Who Got Called Out For Their Reckless Dishonesty

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Sad FAIL pants embarrassing work cringe story ripped funny underwear - 7997957

Mortified Dude Regrets Not Wearing Underwear to Work

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shameful embarrassing stories | flabinella 10.0k points 13 hours ago had great day at waterpark outdoor pool and towards afternoon woman came up and whispered my ear have problem with my swimsuit reached behind noticed huge gap fabric torn right middle and could see my white, untanned asscrack running around like this all day and no one said anything.

11 Ashamed People Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments

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pics bad sucks FAIL annoying disaster pants cars ruined tweets accidents punishment no Cats mistake piercings - 7029509

16 Instances Where Life Found a Way to Ruin Someone's Time

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funny design fails

20 Laughably Bad Design Fails That Should Never Have Gotten Through

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The Internet's Greatest Mystery is Solved: This Is How Dogs Wear Pants

fail tweet dogs wear pants
Via @memeprovider

Watch: In One Punch, This Giants Fan Drops This Cowboys Fan, Then This Cowboys Fan Drops His Pants

fail video cowboys fan and giants fan fight while tailgating knock out pants down
Via Brandon Hubschman
chicken pants facebook funny Video - 264711

Charlie Is a Strong, Independent Chicken and He'll Wear Pants if He Wants To

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Stay Out of the Cool Kids Club if You Can't Take the Heat

Via LiveLeak

Everyone Wins

donuts pants parenting - 8768644864
Via PaperWash
FAIL pants Video animals snake - 77444353

Watch a Thief Leave a Pet Store With an Actual Trouser-Snake

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fashion twitter list internet pants argument - 705797

According to This Simple Hypothetical Canine-Fashion Question There are Only Two Kinds of People, Which Are You?

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dancing FAIL pants Video - 76094465

Dancer Dancer Pants on Fire

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