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Ellen is Trying to Make This the Most Re-Tweeted Photo of All Time

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Jennifer Lawrence Can't Walk in Heels

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By Unknown
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That Feel When You Try to Take an Oscars Selfie and It Comes Out Blurry

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If You Think This Year's Best Picture Nominees Aren't Cute...

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Oh That's Rude!

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By Unknown

Poor Leo

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By Unknown

Pope Guy Strikes Again

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By Billie Charlton

A Little Behind the Times

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By Maggie_May

Wrong Name, Wrong Awards Show

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By Unknown
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In Case You Missed it, Here's a Ditty Sung By Seth MacFarlane at the Oscars

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Some People Were Watching the Oscars Waiting to Be Offended By Something... Seth MacFarlane Delivered

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Excuse You, J-Lo, Miss Jolie Would Like a Word

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Zero Derp Thirty

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By Unknown
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