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Catch Up With This One Supercut of All the 2016 Oscar Nominated Films

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Use These Honest Oscar-Nominated Movie Posters to Prepare For Oscar Season Without Watching Any Movies

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Oscars Be Upon You, Child

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A Cleveland News Anchor Drops an Old-School Racial Slur on Lady Gaga's Oscar Performance

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Kids Replicate Scenes From This Year's Oscar Nominees

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"American Sniper" is Nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, but Clearly That Wasn't Because of its Fake Baby Prop

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The LEGO Movie Got Snubbed for an Oscar Nomination, so its Director Had the Perfect Response

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A Quick Summary of the 2015 Oscars

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The Oscar Announcements Brought Us a Very Special Scatological Nominee Today

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The Oscar of the Grammy of the Tony Award Goes to...

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I Gotta Take a Step Back, This Guy is too Edgy

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The Joke, Your Head, There's an Altitude Discrepancy

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This Local LA Newspaper Could Not Have Found a Tackier Headline for the Oscars

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The Best Way to Show Up to an Oscar Party? Dressing as the Entirety of an Oscar-Nominated Film.

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His Heart May Not Go on This Time

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The Guardian Attempts to Correct Their Writeup About Ellen's Oscar Selfie, Messes Up AGAIN in the Process

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