Did You Keep Any In The Printer?

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Blatantly Perverted or Incredibly Naive? You Be The Judge

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Your Mom's Lucky Weed

Text - shared Tommy Chong's photo. 17 hrs YOU'VE BEEN PASSED THE LUCKY BUD SHARE THIS AND YOU WILL HAVE GOOD LUCK Like Comment Share That's not a 4 leaf clover Mom. 14 hrs Like 1 What is it???? 3 hrs Like thats weed. Something some people smoke it to get high. 3 hrs Like OMG I didn't know. LOL!!! It's pretty though 2 hrs Like Lol. 2 hrs Like Mom you shared it from Tommy Chong's page 1 hr Like No hun, it was on facebook. I don't even know who Tommy Chong is. ??????? 46 mins Like
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Look at How Cute that - Oooohhh Hmmm Maybe Not...

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Oops of the Day: Two Local News Reporters Put Down People on Public Assistance During What They Think is a Commercial Break

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Womp Womp Wooooomp

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This Ranks High on the "Oops" List

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... Oh. Oops!

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Just Itching For Trouble

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Rated M for Motherly

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Oopsie Daisy...

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This Kid is Either a Massive Klutz or a Psychological Master Mind

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Deductive Reasoning, 1; Pride, 0

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Uhhh I Think I Broke Siri

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A Big Oopsie

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