disproportionate amount of hate things received

People And Things That Got A Disproportionate Amount Of Hate

Retrospect is an interesting thing.
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spike whoops spikes oops lol dumb mistake stupid police - 107723777

Cop Leaves Trunk Open, Spike Strips Fall Out, Reverses Over Them

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whoops FAIL server tray garbage oops restaurant lol mistake funny - 107619329

Server Gracefully And Effortlessly Tips Entire Tray Of Food Into Garbage

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Sleepy parent accidentally sleep trains the whole family with a cute stuffed worm toy | TIFU by sleeptraining whole family On mobile, sorry, etc. This has been building up 3 weeks, but only just realized last night had baby almost 4 months ago. Unlike wild animals come out walking, human babies are born useless and must teach them do basic survival tasks like eating and sleeping.

Exhausted Parent Accidentally Sleep Trains Whole Family

They better get a backup just to be safe.
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guy accidentally goes to wrong house for party, it's a young girl's house

Dude Shows Up At Wrong House for Party, Looks Like Weirdo

Does "oops" cover it?
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Guy's bike lurches forward and falls in path of train, he watches as it gets destroyed.

Dude's Bike Just Barely Gets Ripped Apart By Train

That's a bad day.
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Dude uses ethernet cable for months cause he thinks WiFi is broken, learns it wasn't at all. | TIFU and used an ethernet cable 9 months M Writing on mobile, apologies if formatting is odd. Also obligatory this-wasn't-today disclaimer. As many us have been doing over past 10-odd months been working home lot more. There's lot paper-based processes need doing as part my job, but last March fortunate be given opportunity work home, and given laptop this worked fine day brought home, and looking

Dude Thinks WiFi's Broken, Uses Ethernet Cable For Months, Learns Toggle Got Switched

A humbling experience for sure.
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Person mistakes Japanese cat food for human food | r/tifu Posted by u/SNIHON 4 days ago TIFU by eating cat food 2 months! This happened several years ago first moved Japan. My Japanese skills were terrible, so used google translate lot while shopping. Anyway looking quick snack and saw small bag looked like rice crackers had picture cheese and fish on so thought just unique Japanese flavor used picture translate and said something like healthy cheese Nothing about cat at all(well nothing transla

Person Discovers Their Favorite Snack is Japanese Cat Food

Well it's better to learn late than never.
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Man accidentally sends a private message to the whole company | r/tifu JOIN u/degrudv 3d 1 1 1 TIFU by sending private" message my whole company. Like many men, this quarantine gave 35yo Male good opportunity grow out beard. So on Sales Department WebEx Call (probably 300 people) and since no one has seen about month

Man Accidentally Sends Private Message To Whole Company

Happens to the best of us.
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Man assumes that the date he's on is a job interview | r/tifu JOIN u/Anonmale593 230d 1 S 1 TIFU by going on date thinking job interview By sitting through an entire date thinking 's job interview So this happened past 24hrs 19 year old male making my way through college, and also work at restaurant make ends meet. Now could consider pretty smart except comes social interactions can almost never pick up on little hints such as flirting.

Man Thinks Date Is A Job Interview

Oh man.
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Woman takes a pregnancy test, fools herself, and misinforms her family | TIFU by accidentally April Fooling myself Today 20F) fucked up took pregnancy test checked results and compared them examples/instructions online and saw pregnant told my boyfriend and both agreed an abortion most responsible course action given many reasons panicking/ crying while calling different doctors offices see who would see and insurance would

Woman Fools Herself Into A Pregnancy Scare

That went from 0 to 100 for no reason.
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Guy eats a six egg omelette that was intended for the family, and embarrassment ensues | TIFU by eating six egg omelet Years ago, on bright and sunny spring morning, my wife feeding our first child his highchair. My -laws, who were staying with us few weeks abroad, were preparing breakfast everyone. At time wasn't terribly unusual my mother--law prepare meals us, as she enjoyed helping us out with cooking and giving us more time tend our little one atypical my father--law had evidently decided

Guy Eats Six Egg Omelette Intended For Family, Embarrassment Ensues

The secondhand embarrassment is strong with this fail.
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People respond to an AskReddit thread about the most expensive mistakes they've ever made | reddit posted by matthumor Paying Medical school my wife who then divorced at end residency.

Most Expensive Mistakes People Have Made

Some mistakes are more costly than others.
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People describe their experiences with doing things the wrong way for years | reddit posted by uberlurker1 had used car and didn't realize until couple years later had remote start. Person buying my now-more-used car: this has remote start no Person pushes button, starts car

People That Did Things Wrong For Years

Better to learn late than never at all.
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A collection of people that were blown away by their own acts of stupidity.

People That Were Blown Away By Their Own Stupidity

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Guy accidentally drinks a whole cup of Cuban espresso, and ends up tripping out.

Guy Drinks Whole Cup Of Cuban Espresso, Ends Up In 5th Dimension

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