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funny old people facebook and technology fails

25 Times Old People Tried Their Best With Technology

They're getting there.
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cameraman gets food poisoning at old folks home and ends up filming self

News Cameraman Gets Food Poisoning at Old Folks Home, Films More Than He Bargained For

It's a rough job.
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signs people were old

Signs People Knew They Were Getting Old

Try to stand up without making a noise.
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old people making funny mistakes on social media

25 Old People On Social Media Who Tried Their Best

Technology is hard.
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things people only understood after they got old

Things People Only Understood When They Got Older

Like a ton of bricks.
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A collection of relatable tweets and memes that can make people feel old.

Relatable Tweets And Memes About Getting Old

Time just keeps on moving along.
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things young people won't have to do because technology has changed

Things Kids These Days Will Never Experience

We're all shaped by inconvenience.
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old people trying and failing to use social media

Old People Who Struggled To Master Social Media

It's a process.
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A collection of old people moments from Facebook.

Grandmas That Told It All In Their Facebook Bios

Yeah, need more of these.
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A collection of dating advice from old people.

Dating Advice From Old Folks That Have Been Around The Block

With age comes wisdom, sometimes.
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humor old people ridiculous Grandpa funny Video tiktok - 2529798

Grandpa's Ruthlessly Honest Texts Win The Love Of The Internet

Grandpa clearly don't give a dang.
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An old lady complains about her young neighbors, and then her young neighbor claps back against her.

Old Lady Complains About Young Neighbors, Young Neighbor Claps Back

Tough day for that lady.
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moments and images of things that young people wouldn't understand

Twitter Thread: People Show Their Age With Things Young People Wouldn't Get

Those were, uh, some days.
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A cheery senior thinks that a guy is a taxi driver, and then a wholesome ride ensues.

Wholesome Senior Mistakes Man For Taxi Driver, Cheery Ride Ensues

Faith in humanity temporarily restored.
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funny old people social media fails

Old People Trying Their Best On Social Media

The effort is there, at least.
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wholesome physics awesome illusions Gravity old people Video - 106692353

Wholesome Old Dude Demonstrates Some Gravitational Illusions

Pretty neat stuff there.
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