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I Tried to Warn Them About Tank-Bottoms. I Tried!

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It Literally Rained Spiders in (Where Else) Australia. Can We Set the Sky on Fire Now?

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Somehow the Person Filming This Aerosol Can Fireplace Explosion Lived to Upload it

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Feat of the Day: Watch a Man Eat a 5-Pound Burrito in Less Than 2 Minutes

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Great, Now That Image Will be With Me Forever

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Some People Were Just Born Champions

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The Mother's Day Gift That Says "I Read Oedipus in High School"

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The Most White-Knuckle 15 Seconds of Footage You'll See This Week

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Terrifying Dash Cam Footage of a Driver Passed Out at the Wheel

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Three Fishermen Barely Escape Death When a Plane Buzzes by Their Boat

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Florida Meth Heads Don't Need Public Transportation, They'll Just Jump on Your Car Instead

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If You Want to Look Like the Hulk, Learn From This Guy and Don't Inject Your Body With Oil

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That Should Freak Out the Kids Just Fine

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There's No Tabloids Like Trashy British Tabloids

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Why Not Dress Down for a Day in the Park?

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WTF of the Day: Someone Rented a Canadian Couple’s Home on AirBnB and Completely Trashed It

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