Drop into an Octopus's garden in the shade. Though it might take ten tickles to make an octopus laugh, you'll have a much easier time with these cephalopod puns and jokes.

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Octopus Swims Ashore For Attention, Accomplishes Mission

Homie got all the pets he could've wanted.
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Diver gives shell to octopus in cup.

Diver Gives Octopus In Cup A Shell to Hang Out In

Hello, little buddy.
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Dreaming Octopus Changes Colors In Mesmerizing Footage

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Woman Plays With Octopus And Painful Fail Ensues

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Hippie Mom Who Won't Say "No" to Her Child Has Questionable Solution

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Excited Fisher Gets Inked In The Face After Surprising Catch

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10 Fail GIFs to Get You Through Wednesday

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It's Exactly What it Looks Like

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Release the Street Art!

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One Drunk Octopus

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The Octobot!

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Fun Fact: Octopuses Are Terrifying

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ROA Uses Tunisia's Domes to Create an Octopus Invasion

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Chromatophores Are Weird

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Excuse Me, You Have an Octopus in Your Hair

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