funny tweets and jokes from twitter

Funny Tweets To Build Character And Cultivate Strength

Become a better person through mindless thoughts and observations.
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movies that would have ended sooner if characters weren't stupid

Movies That Would Be Way Shorter If Characters Were Reasonable

It's like every movie has an eyeroll moment.
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A Twitter thread points out some of the parts about living in the UK. | Jessica Rose jesslynnrose If mention weird dream or nightmare, Britishes will ask if ate lot cheese before going bed.

Twitter Thread: British Woman's Observations On Weird Stuff In U.K.

Apparently swans like to break arms in the U.K.
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Funny jokes and memes that are literal and technically accurate | Madison @madisoncentreLA 's idea perfect date Shafeeq @Y2SHAF DD/MM/YYYY other formats can be confusing

Clever and Literal Jokes That are Technically Right

They're not wrong.
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Things movies keep getting wrong | ditchdiggergirl 15.8k points 2 days ago Pretty much any scene involves biologists Look DNA is perfect match as computer superimposes two identical graphics are basically just symbol DNA .

Stuff Movies Get Wrong and Don't Care to Correct

"Trust me, I'm a scientist."
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Facts that feel obvious | posted by YummyMango124 never mentioned Humpty-Dumpty an egg.

Facts That Feel Too Obvious After Hearing Them

Some observations are well, obvious.
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Moments in movies that are unrealistic | posted by marfou Finding parking spot front building going into.

Movie Elements That Aren't Like That In Real Life

No one ever has to sneeze or go to the bathroom.
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Funny and interesting observations on languages.

Funny Observations on Language that are Frustratingly Interesting

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marriage tweets

25 Funny Marriage Tweets That Hit Close to Home

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funny shower thoughts

20 Intriguing Shower Thoughts to Give Your Mind Something to Nibble On

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informative confidence observation interesting incompetence information science Video stupid - 97201665

Video on Cognitive Bias Goes to Show Why Flat Earthers Are a Thing

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