Twitter reacts to time off memo

Boss Posts Unreasonable Memo Regarding Time Off, Twitter Reacts

It seems like a bit much.
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Nurses take revenge on their roommate with the Pavlovian method | r/ProRevenge u/rustybathtub 3 3 JOIN 2•2d Train Roommate TL; DR at bottom This is story used Pavlovian Conditioning train my formerly obnoxious roommate behave like responsible adult.

Nurses Take Revenge On Their Roommate

Now that's a pro revenge.
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A registered nurse shares a helpful Twitter thread on how to manage having the Coronavirus | smashingteacups @smasheroteacups know all tired hearing/talking about but one thing T HAVEN'T really seen going around is advice happens if DO get coronavirus (many us will only advice try AVOID So as friendly neighborhood RN wee thread: 7:06 AM 11 Mar 20 Twitter iPhone Tweet reply

Twitter Thread: A Registered Nurse's Tips On Treating The Coronavirus

Some helpful information amidst the storm of crazy information.
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Stories of people faking illnesses and injuries | reddit post jmikk85 25.6k points 1 day ago Opthalmology technician. People pretend be blind all time. Go check their eye pressure with tonopen device poke them DIRECTLY into eye with and they go FUCK IS THING

People Who Faked Injuries and Illnesses

It's gotta be weird to be in medicine.
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Medical professionals and people tell stories of stupid pregnancy misconceptions.

Medical Professionals and Bystanders Share the Weirdest Pregnancy Misconceptions They've Witnessed

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Nurse shares various work stories from her time working in the field.

The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Life As A Nurse

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Medical professionals share stories of times they had to explain basic medical knowledge to stupid people.

Medical Professionals Share the Dumbest Things They've Had to Explain To People

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askreddit thread with person sharing how they found out their dad isn't their real dad

17 People Whose "Something's Wrong Here" Feeling Was Right

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weird things people have said under anesthesia

35 Hilarious Things People Said Under Anesthesia

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Woman's Heartfelt Facebook Post About Nurses's Bravery During Her Brother's Tragic Accident Is All The Feels

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doctors and nurses talk about stupid patients

15 Healthcare Professionals Share The Dumbest Things They've Had To Explain To Patients

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Nurses reveal the craziest answers they've gotten after asking people the "sexual history" question.

33 Nurses Anonymously Reveal the Most Insane Answers They've Gotten When Asking the "Sexual History" Question

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crazy sex nurse doctor - 1663749

15 Nurses Reveal the Craziest Sexual History Answers They've Come Across

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Hello, Nurse!

dating monday thru friday nurse - 8314740992
Via Pleated Jeans

Helloooooo Nurse

sexy times pro tip nurse dating - 8314147840
Via DozertheDozarian

A Weird Reason to Visit the School Nurse

nurse funny - 8281174784
Via Sloths and Stuff Yeh
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